Stomach problems

Hi I am new to this site but have realised I am not alone in having health anxiety. I also have so much discomfort after eating and my food does not seem to go down for ages. Does anyone else have this? I have had some tests but they were all clear except for acid but I get so anxious that it is something bad, everything with me is the worse thing never anything small. I also have a fear of meds which is a problem for me as I have several heath issues that really require them. Sorry to go on but I feel so alone with this


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  • Hi flowerbud & welcome

    No you are certainly not alone with health anxiety

    Yes I have the stomach problems , had the tests & its acid as well

    We make more as we are so anxious , we also dont digest our food as well as we are anxious it can feel like its getting stuck , when its going down

    I also get IBS as well I take Alverine , which also helps with the acid

    Certain foods as well , spicy can make mine worse

    Try and eat little & slowly , maybe watching tv at the time so you may be more relaxed , please dont worry , this is common with anxiety & I get exactly the same , have done for about 15 years , even though I do make an effort , to make sure I eat slowly & dont have any distractions

    I also no what you mean about fear of meds , I am working on that one , I have to take blood pressure tablets which I do , I also should take cholesterol meds which I cant face taking yet

    The tablets I do take , I started taking half the dose till my confidence built up , maybe you could ask your gp if you could do that to start with I am sure if you explain how you feel , they will work with you

    You dont have to be sorry on here & believe me you are not alone

    Read the blogs on the site you will relate to so much

    Join in & keep posting , talking & getting support really helps




  • Thank you for replying. In a lot of pain from Fibromyalgia and chronic arthritis so I think that is making things worse. I have to say that I have not told my doctor about my anxiety with meds and other things. I am of the older generation who still think we should just cope ( I know really stupid) but I am seeing the Doctor on Thursday and hope I can tell her how I am feeling. I often look at people and think, I wish I could be like them with no anxiety but realise now that there are so many of us suffering with this. Thank you for listening

  • Hi

    I no how you feel have the same problems , with the fibo as well , i am not as young as I used to be ;) but we shouldnt just have to cope , & you are not stupid because you think that way , it was how things used to be & it can be hard to change the way we think , but I hope this can be the first for you & on Thursday you will feel after been on here you can open up to your GP

    Come on for support , we all no how it feels & please let us no how you go on

    Will be thinking about you , especially Thursday




  • Thank you so much for your support. I have recently changed my doctor so hope the new one will be more understanding. I will let you know how I get on.


  • Good for you , look forward to seeing how you get on , fingers crossed for you ;)


  • Got on really well with my Doctor. She is going to work with me to try and get me on to some meds for the pain. So we will wait and see if I feel strong enough to take them. So hate this fear of meds. I have sometimes sat there for ages with a tablet in front of me trying to work up courage to take it.

  • I no that feeling to , same even with a vitamin !! but good news tour GP is going to work with you & you have the site for some support , someone on here was blogging every time they took a tablet for support & I think it worked so you could do that to

    Well done though going to GP every little step helps & you have started to take some

    Keep posting


  • Hi hon you are not alone as whywhy got it too so don't worry. When I was very anxious I was during Xmas and lost weight about 4-5lb due nausea and couldn't eat foods properly cos anxiety affect my appettie so I only eat soups, fruits and cereals which is no good so nurse told me to drink complan which is like a milkshake but need to be made by pour milk and stir with the powder to help increase appettie but if you don't like it, try complex b vitamin and it will help cos they did to me in a great way! Gain 6lb now and no longer on those now as I'm eating a lot better. Anxiety can affect appetie even irritated your stomach! Try relax and eat slowly and try complan after the meal? Xx

  • P.s I remember every time I eat, I feel sick then throw up a little, feeling lump feelings in my throat and upset stomach cos I'm worried about not eating properly which made me not eat properly also affected my appetie for like 3-4 weeks! So I decided to syrup worrying about not eating, took complan for breakfast and lunch then it make me feel hungry in next few days and start eating properly and digest better even with complex b vitamin which the lady at chemist remmonded it to me cos it increase your appetite also reduce your anxiety xx

  • Has anyone thought it could be a hiatus hernia causing the acid?

    just a thought xx

  • I have issues with my stomach atm too! I had convinced myself I have stomach cancer, because I would feel so uncomfortable after eating, to th point I'm too scared to eat anything! I have been reassured that im fine. I know it is so hard to believe it! You have to challenge your thoughts and think of reasonable explainations for these sensation. Such as eaten too much, bloated, ibs etc.

    JB x

  • I. Have a hh,had it for yrs ,but is now givin me gipI'm waitin now for an endoscopy,had ultra sound and that was ok ,just the endoscopy to face to see y I'm allways feelin sick all the time

  • what is celiac

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