Waking with a startle after nodding off? Anyone?

After thinking ive cracked it with my anxiety and panic its come back to bite me. Im having terrible trouble getting to sleep, felling very tired, nodding for a few mins at a time and waking with a horrendous starle, to the point where ive dived out of bedin an instant and couldnt get by breath, also having an awareness of what seems like a huge heartbeat and subqeuent palps. My tummy / abdo seems to be a bit twitchy and butterfly-esque. Any one else experienced that, t very alarming. I was doing it every 20mins or about 3hrs last night and it was unbearable, ended up in tears as the last time a had nodded. Would love to kmow how to ease it. I know i am due to start period so could this be a contributing factor. Feel like ive slipped a little in getting over this. Some days my mind set is fantastic others Not so much. This is s horrid.

Thanks kelly


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  • Hi Kelly, I was nodding my head reading ur post, ur not alone on this, I have experienced this also and it's not only scary but very frustrating, I had to take diazepam for this but I'm glad to say its not a constant thing, it only happens sometimes, hope u get sorted x

  • Hi. Kellt. Could be hormonal or, and this is what it probably is, just our dear old friend the anxiety. You have experienced a good old fashioned panic attack and it is a rotten experience.

    But take heart; these are classic symptoms and what almost everyone has had in the anxiety state. You use the word 'alarming', isn't it just! Yes, always when you think you have cracked it "IT" comes back and jumps on you. But this is common in this complaint. The 'yo,yo' effect.You are not unusual, many have experienced this. Try (difficult) not to be so impressed by it. You have NOT slipped back. The way you describe your condition leads me to believe you are making progress. But you have added fear to fear. This is why the attack is prolonged.

    YOU ARE NOT STRANGE or different but just another of us who are going through the 'mill'.

    You will succeed if you stop adding fear to fear. Can you just (just!!!) accept the way you are at present. Good days will come again but do give up fighting "IT". Love and best wishes. jonathan.

  • I had it a lot at one point and like jada I had diazepam for it. Now I haven't had a diaepam for months, and where it was happening every nite it happens very rarly now. Instead of getting myself in a panic and adding panic like jonthan as said I lie there and say Ooo come on do wat uve got to do and then let me sleep. I've found that being like that with it I have only had it once or twice in the last few mths. It is really scary, and its gay at first but try not to had fear to it which we all have done xxx

  • Not gay scary its because I'm on me phone x

  • I have periods of exactly as you describe Kelit.

    It's horrible.

  • Me too, Kellt and it's the worst feeling.

    I'm so much more anxious at night and when I add to that waking up every few minutes feeling like I'm leaping out of bed it is intolerable. The only comfort I can add is it seems to be something that comes in patches. I have a few terrible nights and the it wears off again. Hope yours settles down soon.x

  • I had this a lot when my anxiety first started, it's awful but it will pass in time.

  • Thank you for the reassurance, at least i know its not just me. Im finding this is be my only symptom at present and its blooming horrid. I am in agreement it seems to come in waves and settles for a few weeks? Do you find this happens pre menstral. Im dreeading night time at pressent. If i nodd of for a few mins during the day it doesnt happen, its very much related to. Thank again. I hope we all gain some relief very soon. X

  • There is a perfectly natural falling-asleep reflex(may be called the Moro reflex?)which can wake you in a frightening way just as you're dropping off nicely. It's a throwback from those times when we were hairy little monkey-type beings,clinging to our mothers' backs,and it ensures the animal tightens its grip and doesn't fall off. It's easy to see how,in an already anxious state,this reflex could develop into a full-blown panic. Please try not to worry too much:it's a nuisance,but not dangerous x

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