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Thoughts :-((

Hi my friends, been doin well of late and bang, full blown anxiety attack in morrisons yesterday, ran out of there in tears, was so upset that It happened, this has lead to the :bad thoughts:, not want to be here anymore, thinking of the best way to remove myself from this earth, away from the battle in my head, I'm going over wot there is to live for and the cons are definitely outweighing the pros, hate this so much

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A small slip, what is wrong with that? You want to feel "normal" well, what is normal? Too me, and it would seem alot of other people on here, that was a normal reaction!

So many in our situation that it is " normal" you said you have been feeling better so why do you want to remove yourself, as I said, a small slip.... I am well at the moment and supermarkets at this time of year want to make me pull my hair out and I love shopping ;-)

Regards Steve.


Hi Jadababe, I agree with Steve about the bloody supermarkets ! I went to Morrisons on Friday and could have run out as well! Crazy!. This sort of thing is very , very common at this time of year lovie and we will all struggle so we may as well struggle together. Hold each other up. This site is able to do this because we have all been there!!!!! Every single one of us has thought like that believe me. I know I have and I couldn't come up with pain free, guilt free way to do it. A couple of weeks and this will be like a bad dream , which it is of course. Count your blessings one by one and never mind the cons eh Love and Hugs x Ella x


Hi Jadababe,

Please don't be discouraged, Thunder and Ella are right this is just a little blip. You're making great progress so don't let anxiety steal that away from you or distress you with dark thoughts. This time of year is really difficult, even for the "normal" people out there, whoever they are!!!

Take care of yourself and stay in touch.x


PS - is that your dog in the picture? So cute.x


JADABABE you are doing so well don't let a supermarket give you an anxiety attack, i guess all those people shopping or music in backgrounds, i would say just stick your earphones and listen to music or relaxing music while shopping, don't look at people, just do your shopping and leave the place. If you think that place is far too busy go to another supermarket there are loads.

just remember you were feeling good for few weeks now, bad episode shouldn't makes you lose faith.

we all love you in here

big hug xx


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