Anxiety Support they really do any good?

Hi everyone,

I'm new on here, I have like a lot of you suffered all my life with anxiety, depression and panic.

I am at my whits end and really feel like I'm losing it. My anxiety is making me feel ill all day everyday so I'm thinking is it time to give in and take antidepressants....?

I'm scared to death of taking them, I'm the type of person that body scans all the time( maybe health anxiety) to see if something's wrong and am worried if I take them I won't know what's a side effect and what's not.

Your experiences using antidepressants would be good to hear....anyone please help xxx

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I have health anxiety so taking anxiety meds makes me more anxious. I will admit when I started taking alprazolam extended release, it helped with sleep and anxiety. I have been on different meds for about 13 years and I don't know which ones work anymore because I am getting immune to them. If I could choose I would not have started all of these meds. They give sideffects right away and the doctors just keep switching to new ones. Right now I'm on 4 different meds and they want me on another one. I am trying to get off of some of them but it makes me so sick and have withdrawals because my body is used to them. I highly suggest not going on medication. It's made my anxiety worse from what I can tell. All the worries that come along with it. Doctors will all of a sudden stop giving it to you and then your stuck sick for a while. The only medication that ever helped me is alprazolam which is extremely addictive and you cannot get pregnant on. They say they will have you on it for no more then 6 months and now I have been on it for 7 years. Sorry such a long post but all in all I hate medications!!!

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I agree with everything you have said.In 2013 doctors, shrinks changed me on so many different meds I ended up more ill than when I started.Also when they change meds you have to go through all the terrible withdrawals.I just stick to duloxetine for anxiety just now but I dont think its really working anymore.Thats just my experience but Im sure other people have had more success.


Welcome to our group! I suffer from health Anxiety and Panic disorder for 8years Now. Iam only 26 and it hasnt been easy for me. But iam learning to finally cope with it due to Antidepressant! They really help get your life back. For the past few nights i wasnt able to sleep and every morning woke up in a panic but i had to do something i was afraid my heart wouldnt be able to handle so much adrenaline everyday. So i went to the ER and they Did blood work EKG and heart Monitior. I was fine just had a little bit of rapid heart rate. So they gave me xanax till i can see my Dr. I dont take a whole one but half and for the past 2 days being on it ive felt ALIVE and more active more Myself again. I was also on lorezapam and klonopin and that also did wonders for me. Not everyone can handle meds and some people can actually work with meds. I never had withdrawls after i got off the lorezapam and klonopin because i got pregnant i was fine. But after i had my baby anxiety Got really bad. But iam fine now They really help dont give up. P.s sorry for the long response :)


Whether or not anti-depressants do any good is a matter of perspective. We all have our opinions on the matter. Personally, I think it's great that some make you feel normal again, but it is rare that that specific medication will always do it for you. You'll switch and switch, get so tired of switching and you'll want to get off them. That will be one of the hardest things you've put yourself through, it's a battle and it's all up hill to ease yourself off of pills. I personally don't take them, i try and meditate as I can. Good luck to you though, you have a community here for support if needed.


Thank you to u all for taking some time to reply. It means a lot. I do agree with you austinluck21 that is a matter of perspective. What works for one won't necessarily work for another.

I was starting to use meditation and exercise but unfortunately especially today, I can't seem to even do that, my mind just keeps racing and that horrible feeling that I can't even explain takes over. I can't even establish what it is im thinking at the moment. I have been having cbt but I can't find the strength to let it work for me. I want to get over this without the use of medication as I believe it will make me stronger in the long run but I've been keeping to this for years now and just coping through life until I have an episode like I currently am isn't working. I don't know what to do 😖


I have suffered on and off with anxiety and depression for years. The last time I came off them the withdrawal symptoms were horrendous. A specialist put me on sertaline and for the most part I feel good. It's a personal thing really. I would Peter not to be on them but in my case needs must. I can now lead a normal life. Drs have no way of testing what is causing depression and so I think if I am not producing a certain hormone then no amount of therapy is going to help me and I have had therapy, unfortunately most depressives have to wait months to get good therapy. Not much help to you but I wish you luck. Depression and anxiety is horrendous and my thoughts go out to you.


Peter should be 'prefer', the anti depressants don't help with typing!


Hey X I've had Prozac and citralopram X both have side effects for about 5/6 weeks but when they kick in they lift your mood and do help X I can't do without mine X at the end of the day it's your choice but you've nothing to lose but the side effects can make you worse to start with, it can make you feel anxious, sick etc X some people have no effects X but its your choice X good luck X


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