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Anyone have bad breathing like needing too much air??

It's driving me insane I've had this problem on and off for around 12 years, after a period of stress I get the feeling of needing to fill my lungs to the absolute capacity in each breath to the point where I'm breathless and strained every muscle in my torso and this can go on every day for 2 days up to a few weeks. Is it just me??

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This is called hyperventilation and it is a very common symptom of anxiety.

Look it up online and you will find exercises to practice, which will in time help ease the problem.

It's caused by unconsciously breathing in too rapidly, so the balance of your breathing becomes uneven. You need to practice making your out-breath longer than your in-breath.

Another good tip when the problem is at it's worse, is to deliberately hold your breath for a few seconds, then when you let it out, the first thing you will automatically HAVE to do after that, will be to take a nice deep in-breath - try it and see!


Thanx I will give it a go anything is worth a try , I've only just joined here and already I feel more at ease by knowing I'm not the only one :)


Dont worry we r all here to help wach other b4 long ur b givin out advice to others




do you do any type of exercises? if the answer is no try something like pilates or yoga you will fined in time it will settle down your anxiety and help to return your normal breathing


Thank you mouley, and no stewartmays1 I haven't tried any kind of exercises before but I'm going to do what I can now thank you all for your advise :)


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