Have we got too much knowledge

Been doing some sole searching. Years ago we went to see our GP, he told us what was wrong with us and we never questioned it. Today, speaking for myself, I always worry about the doctors diagnosis and then cross reference on good old google. Is a little knowledge a bad thing. Has this led to more people with HA. I think I would prefer to go back to the old days life seemed less stressful. A great group very supportive. Feeling a bit sorry for myself today


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  • Just want to say hi take care x

  • Yes the Internet can be dangerous a little knowledge can be to much every symptom on there you can think you have it I know I do it but I am going to stop googling everything. Go back to te old days what the doctor gave you took and did not think anything about it. Anyway Tack Care.

  • Thanks for the advice look after yourself

  • Google is dangerous, I tend to read too much into Internet diagnosis

  • I agree absolutely.

    Until the internet/Google all I could do to fuel my health anxiety was a crafty look in 'doctor books' in WH Smiths, now I can spend half a day Googling my latest symptom.

    The news doesn't help either, as I'm sure you've all seen, Michael Parkinson has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and that's set off my health anxiety big time.

  • No what you mean bra well, I get paranoid about bird flu

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