I'm constantly dying

I'm constantly dying

Okay so the post title i wrote probably sounds ridiculous but I no longer know how to express the full extent of the way I'm feeling inside. Every day I feel so weak, a burning sensation around my body, dizzy spells, weakness of the limbs and most recently a nervousness in my tummy.

I have been to the doc who very quickly prescribed me valium but I've heard how addictive they are? I had a load of blood tests done recently which all came back okay- i know I aught to be grateful which I am trying to be, I just can't help feel whats wrong with me then?! Does anyone else relate at all to any of this?

Life has become unbearable, I'm afraid to be alone and I'm 30yrs of age! I feel stupid when i go out even to the shops because I'm convinced I'm dying and i flee the scene and fear the worst!

I'm due to start a new job in Dubai in two weeks time and I am seriously worried how I'm going to even make it to the airport okay!


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  • Hi lovely, what you are feeling is adrenaline and anxiety tricking you into thinking these things. If you took the panic away and felt calm you wouldn't think twice. Anxiety makes us believe things we shouldn't. But unfortunately, it isn't as easy as just switching it off. Are you on any medication for your anxiety apart from valium? How long have you been having anxiety for? xxx

  • Cheers for the reply. I have suffered from anxiety for around 7 years now.. I have been to CBT and that simply didn't work, then my doctors put me on citolpram which came with a whole set of issues. I sometimes don't know where anxiety will lead me.

  • I'm with u at age 31 experiencing lot off the same things go and heart things like palpitations and chest pains sometimes. We will get better! This has been going one for about 2 months with me, you?

  • For me... on/off 8 years! it sucks and I have no reason why I have anxiety it just IS. I feel its sucking the life out of me.

  • i know what u mean i have it everyday for 2 months now...hope thats all it is...

  • Im 32 and have been dealing with this for 10 years now. You're not alone. With me, it's actual physical symptoms that cause my anxiety. If I didn't get the physical symptoms, I'd be fine. Being alone scares the absolute crap out of me, I'm scared I'm gonna pass out or something. I'm so over it. Like you, I also get dizzy, feel weak, burning sensations, nervous stomach and many many more symptoms all day long. I have convinced myself that I have every disease under the sun. It's soooo exhausting, I'm constantly tired but at the same time I'm wired. I am suffering from LPR also which has progressed in the last year, this is causing me major anxiety. I don't want to take pills as I don't want to rely on them. I feel like I'm about to drop dead any day now. I have had numerous blood tests done which all come back ok. My partner is over my complaining. I don't how to get this under control and get my life back.. But I know EXACTLY what your going through. If you find a cure, pleeease let me know!

  • That is EXACTLY how I feel Dee. For me it's the symptoms that scare,worry and make my life a constant battle. I actually got upset when my blood tests came back all okay-thats insane I know, I just want clarity on what this is! The doctors have told me its an anxiety disorder but the symptoms are so strong I find it hard to believe them.

  • When was last time u were at the dentist...silver fillings have heavy metal in them and can make our whole body sick,,

  • I got told the same thing but I also find it hard to believe. I have convinced myself that I have MS or a brain tumour or ALS or something. I wouldn't wish this feeling of being so ill on my worst enemy. I don't understand how it could an anxiety disorder when I get dizzy ALL DAY LONG and even when I'm not anxious. It just doesn't make sense.

  • Good Luck with your new job. You just took a big step in conquering your fears and a step closer to feeling better. I wish you well. Stay strong :)

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