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adjusting to darker evenings

I went shopping at just after 5pm yesterday, & I found the streets quite creepy. Iv`e been used to going out mainly in broad daylight, & the onset of darker evenings seems to have unsettled me somewhat. I keep looking at clocks & thinking, is that all the time is! I`m always thinking that it`s much later than it is.I think my body clock must still be on british summertime. Do any other members on this site find that they feel more anxious at this time of the year?

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Hi. hairyfairy. YES. We are all human beings that live on a planet called Earth. Of course we are subject to the moods of the Seasons. We have been here for millions of years and, long before BST, I am sure our ancestors felt the same about dark evenings. How would you like to live in northern Norway where they have 2 hours of daylight!! The very thought makes me shudder! I always am reminded of Shakespeare's words, "If Winter comes can Spring be far behind? " I certainly used to feel very down and anxious at this time of year. Not so much now but it is still hovering!! Hope you feel better about it. Think of a field of daffodils. Love and good wishes. jonathan.


Hi hf I'm somewhat the opposite as in the I can walk in the dark and be more comfortable, I think it's something to do with seeing less and not having as much stimuli for my mind to spark off.

Reply in THAT I can walk.....


Yes I am exactly the same. My last 2 episodes of anxiety have been this time of year. I try to think about Christmas and look at that as a positive :) xx


Saw for me, my Doctor and I agreed just this week that I would probably need to consider taking a low dose of Citalopram from the end of the summer through to spring each year to help with this so don't be afraid to speak to your GP as mine reassured me this is a very common thing to experience through the darker months and as the seasons change at this time of year.

The only down side is that today I'm on my first dose and I feel like someones taken a food processor to my brain as I'm all over the place haha. I'd forgotten how weird it is at first! :)


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