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What mediciation do you advise?

I have to fly to work every week and of course there are elemetns to my work that are stressful;. I sufferred from post traumatic stress disorder when i was 18 for a number of years and depsite doing everything the doc has told me to keep my stress levels down nothing is working to suppress my symptons. I eat a balanced diet, I exercise regularly, I go to counselling, I talk to my family and friends about my worries and nothing is helping....Commuting to work is part and partial of my job and I dont feel any less in control than when I was at uni a year ago. My monthly cycle has stopped and now my hair is thinning :( I've read about the diff medications that can be prescribed but I really don't want to resort to medication to fix whatever is wrong with me. to make things worse there is a lot of tension between me and my mum. I just want to feel happy again, I dont like this..this is not me...Help me

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Hi Keeper. I don't think anyone would advise you about what sort of medication you require. That is between you and your GP. Not all medications suit everyone and only your GP can know what is best for you. Obviously, by what you say, your hormones are upset. This can be caused by anxiety or stress. You have my deepest sympathy for how you feel but that is not going to help in your present situation! May I say that in not wanting to resort to medication you may be denying yourself the respite you need to look at things more clearly. You will not get 'hooked' on the right sort of medication, if only temporary. Is the counselling not helping?

Is the tension between you and your mum due to the way you feel? You are right, this is not you. It is the anxiety that is talking and you have to ACCEPT that FOR THE MOMENT. Do not get impatient and annoyed with yourself. It is not your fault. Our present way of life does not help one bit. It is conducive to stress. You use the words 'to suppress my symptoms'. Suppression is like trying to push a cork under water. It will keep bobbing up somewhere else. In my opinion it is foolhardy to try and suppress the feelings. (Because that is what symptoms are).

This is difficult for a young person when you see all about you 'doing their thing' and apparently,happy. Now I am going to suggest something that most find goes against the grain. Your first instinct is to FIGHT. Do not do that. Face the feelings, ACCEPT them however horrible they may seem. By facing them you take away some of their ability to harm you.

PTSD can be very upsetting and needs professional help. Is any available to you.? Through your job? If not talk to your GP. He/She should be able to advise. I would not say 'nothing is helping'. The very fact that you can talk about your troubles and come on this site is a great help. You will get much helpful advise here. (When they can get a word in edgewise!!) so try and read it all carefully and please come back. We are all always happy to talk to you. Best wishes. jonathan.


Oh you poor little soul...I really feel for you! What does the Doctors say about your monthly cycle stopping and your hair. They both are connected by hormones. Why don't you want to try medication? If you needed a cast, or an operation doing you would have them done with the aid of meds. Keeper you sometimes have to use medication as a preventative as well as a cure. You sound s if you are doing your utmost best with your exercise and diet. Suppressing symptoms is so hard, accept first that they are there and seek help and take it. Don't struggle on on your own. You have to be kind to yourself, give yourself a break. You have been putting up with God knows what for years now. Come on sweetheart, you may find anti depressants change your life and bring you back to yourself again. There is no shame in medication for mental health, just a new life to gain. Your not on your own anymore anyway, we are a good sort on here and I am sure you will get more replies. Keep coming on here and see. Let us know what you are feeling love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx


hi Jonathan, thank you for your reply. im just in a bad place at the minute. my mum has always been the one person i can turn to and things just strained with changes. i know the root cause of my anxiety and my counsellor is great. she's amazing in fact. she's helps me to rationalise my thoughts and my friends are always about. they do not understand my feelings and i don't expect them to. but they listen. im just confused because the doctor told me that anti ds may not be the answer and i should try x y and z. all of which i do. its like a demon. a horrible horrible feeling of absolute worth less ness. im so afraid of there feelings. my mood swings are terrible. i shout at my younger sisters. i hear myself shout and i have myself after. they are just children and i can't stop my self. i don't want to be horrible. im drinking more. mum once threatened she would call a doctor if i didn't pull myself together. i just wanted her to be my mum and give a hug to say everything would be ok.


Hi. Keeper. Perhaps you have not yet seen ellabella's blog. She says ' there is no shame in medication for mental health' and she is absolutely right. You did not ask for this. Did any of us? You may have a feeling of worthlessness but you are NOT worthless. No one is. Your symptoms are those of an anxiety state, and only(!) that. YOU ARE NOT GOING MENTAL as I sense you feel you are. This is a very different thing and will, at your age, resolve itself, but you need help in letting it do so. Being short tempered and irritable are common symptoms of anxiety. TRY NOT TO BE AFRAID OF YOUR FEELINGS. (Very difficult). Afraid means more FEAR and more adrenaline and that is not what you want at this stage. You have to aim at reducing the intensity of the fear until you can cope with it better. Don't give up on us. Come back as many times as you want to. Nobody here is going to blame you for anything. Our blessings and good wishes go out to you. jonathan.


i scared myself on Monday night. i went for a drive when i was past myself with tears. i thought about driving my car of through road. looking back it was awful. i thought about my new niece and couldn't do it and i ppromised.myself to go to the doctor. I made an appointment to see the doctor on Tuesday and was seen an hour later. broke down with her. doctor was so lovely. she started from the very beginning since school right through uni and into work. I told her that that work was making me terribly unhappy and she asked why am i doing something that makes me so unhappy and if i could have the perfect job what would it be. well ve just started my university application and sorted my references. she enrolled me on to online cbt sessions which i do at my own pace.(& are suited to my travelling lifestyle) and she described prozac to help take the edge off things. hopefully things are looking a bit more.positive and ill be offered on the course. just want to thank J & E for yourn kind words of support. you guys have been a saviour to me.x


Hi keeper, I am glad to see that you have seen a doctor and are taking meds now, after you have taken them for a while you should notice some effect but if they ate not helping after a month don't be afraid to tell the doctor as medication for mental health is very " take this and see what happens" as different meds effect people in different ways, I know when I was younger iwas always afraid of questioning the doctor but as I have grown older and experienced depression many times over a 20 year period I have learned not to be ashamed of the illness and tell doctors and psychiatrists exactly how they make me feel and whether I am going to continue taking them as you get to know what feels right and what makes you feel worse, I have had many diff meds, but have been on venlafaxine for 10 years now and they suit me, take care, sdrffrþ


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