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What would you do?

I am just wondering since my husband has threatend to report me to social services if i continue to see the man i am seeing. He has made up a load of really horrible things about him (which to clarrify are untrue and he has absolutely no evidence) i have pointed out to him that we are no longer together and he doesnt get to decide who i do and dont see which is when he has threatened ss. Bearing in mind he hasnt met the children there has been absolutely no suggestion that he will anytime soon either. I am thinking about phoning ss and asking for advice myself but i wonder...what would you do? Oh and he says he will makeup stuff about me abusing the children too which lets face it he dont have a leg to stand on x

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Personaly I would call SS for advise, tell the prick to leave you alone, its obviouse your marrage is over, he's just jelious ur moving on and can't cope with that, that's my opinion.



What a horrible situation , sounds like your ex is a very sick man & needs help his self

This is sheer jealousy & he doesn't seem to care even if his own children get hurt , while he is seeking revenge

I would also phone & ask for advice on this , I am sure or would hope they will be very understanding & helpful

Let us no how you go on

Stay strong





I had all this with my ex,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, He cant cope with the fact that you dont need him anymore........

I think I would phone and then that takes the fear away and also his power...........

Stay strong and dont give in............

Youre doing fab



Yeah i know your all right and the reality of it all as well is considering he keeps threatening to kill himself and i had to remove my children from his car a couple weeks ago cos he scared them to hysterics driving like an idiot, just who are they going to consider a danger to my children i wonder? AND he has a new gf too! He just doesnt like the fact that he cant control me anymore and is trying everything to keep a hold over me only it aint going to work. Im seeking the advice of both ss and a solicitor. Im going to have it put on record exactly what hes like put boots on my feet for a change! :-):-):-):-)


Hi What a terrible situation you are going through but stay strong in your thoughts mentally and physically. His trying to ruin any chance you have of happiness and thats low. He sounds jealous and will go to any lenghts to make life difficult for you. If you are not with him you are entitled to see who you want when you want. Don't be sujected to his threats. I do not know your circumstances but i would personally go and see a Solicitor ( if you cannot afford it you could apply for legal aid.

And making up things about you abusing he would have to have concrete evidence and that it very hard to prove. I have known similar cases and it is very rare to bring a case against you.

Have no communication verbally about anything until you seek legal advice.

I will you the best of Luck.

take care

Hugs Love Seyi x


Oh Wants,

Where do these men come from??? Be strong and proactive. Follow through with the SS and a solicitor. Surround yourself with all the support you can muster.

Do not worry - it won't take long before he gives himself away and people see what he is really like.

Be Safe,



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