Does anxiety increases your blood pressure?

Hello guys!! I have a question about my blood pressure you see they already check my heart and my kidneys and other things and everything is healthy. Ironically everytime I go to the doctors my blood pressure is 120 which is perfect but at home is 150ish. Do you guys deal with this? Should I worry about it? Or what should I do?


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  • Hi Matt, What you should do is not take it at home unless your doctor wants a comparison reading. Blood pressure changes constantly according to what we are doing physically or thinking mentally. Taking b/p at home needs to be done as it is at the doctor's office. It's best to take a reading after you have been relaxing for a while. Go to a table where you can extend your arm at heart level. Have both feet planted on the ground and not crossed either at knees or ankles. As to your question, YES anxiety can increase your b/p.

    Your reading of 150 is not out of place, is nothing to worry about because it fluctuates. It's only when the numbers are real high for days on end that it needs to be checked out and possibly be put on medication. You sound like you are in good shape Matt. Don't worry>

  • Thank you so much agora1 I just get worry of having a strong. I'm 25 years old but you know I can get anxious when I keep seeing that level at home

  • I know Matt, we all get anxious when we take our own b/p which makes it go up a little. Try to cut back in taking it. It only adds to your anxiety and there is no reason to take it that often. At 25years old, your chances of having a stroke are minimal especially that you see your doctor often.

  • Thank you so much!

    I just get worry cause is 150ish all day at home and it gets me worry. I even been at the ER at that level but then it goes down... is hard not to think about it. And the sucky part is that I'm sensitive to anxiety medicine so I can't take it...

  • Yeah, anxiety med would bring the numbers down, but you can as well by using meditation and deep breathing. It takes a little practice but it can be done. I good site to go on is YouTube and type in Audio Meditation/Deep breathing. Several will pop up.

    Listen to a few and when you find the voice that is soothing, listen to it for about 10 min. I do this in the afternoon when I'm having a stressful day. You will be amazed at how mellow you get and of course it is reflected in your b/p numbers.

  • I know when I have a panic attack I'm BP goes up to 200/120 and heart is up to 145 beats a minute , bloody scary but they say that's normal but my question is how long can my heart handle this ?

  • Anxiety and especially panic attacks can have dramatic effects on your blood pressure. I go from normal 125/85 to 180/100 during a panic attack. But another difference is often home blood pressure meters are not very accurate. I've had some be 20-30 points off from the doctor's. So if you want to keep checking your BP at home, get a different meter preferably one that uses your arm and NOT your wrist as wrist ones are the least accurate.

  • Hi Matt

    It seems to me that you are worrying about it because you are constantly monitoring yourself. What if your blood pressure is a little high? It's normal under the circumstances so just accept it and move on. It is all the introspection that feeds your anxiety. Loosen your grip on yourself and the anxiety will go. 😎

  • I use to get bad panic attacks which would spike my bp bad but my Gad doesn't seem to raise it much. Body must be used to all day nervousness. I also have hypersensition so I gotta take meds nervous or not.

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