Blood pressure

How come every time I go to doctors my blood pressure goes up! Now they are talking about blood pressure meds! I have to go tomorrow and I'm a nervous wreck about this what on earth am I going to do since hello doc I have a phobia about meds oh I could cry its like vicious circle never had a problem with this befor uggg what to do cancel or what!!!!!


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  • HI hun, no do not cancel your appointment, you really must go. Yes tell your doctor you have a problem with taking medication, let them know what is really going on. I would tell them that your blood pressure seems to go up when your going to the docs as well. Maybe you could get a small machine at home or something or ask your doc about it so that you can take your blood pressure regular at home to see just how often it does go up, it maybe that its not only when your going to the docs. But seriously hun you must go and speak with your doctor. Let me know how you get on. Good luck x

  • I'm the same.

    Every time I've had my BP taken they say 'oh it's a little up'.

    I suffer from 'white coat syndrome' - fear of doctors - hence my BP is up!

    I tell them this and they nod and let it go.

    My friend is exactly the same and in the end they had to do a 24 hour home test as his BP was so high at the doctors due to 'white coat syndrome'.

    Google it - it's very common.

  • Thank you so much I needed to hear that I was so nervous, I canceled app but I will reschedule just couldn't get myself to go but of course I will hear about it from family which will make me feel like a bigger failure ! Thank you. For the support have a blessed day!

  • hi mimi you are not the only one, you should see my heart beat when taking it!!! at the end i bought one online from Amazone i think and been checking my BP every now and then and looks normal, sometimes is low but is ok. i hope the machine is accurate.

    just take care of yourself and don't let anyone make you feel a failure, this is nonsense.

    we are all here for each other

    God bless


  • I have the same issue, my BP going up when at my GP's so I was given a 24 hour BP monitoring machine that measures BP at home you've guessed it... over a 24 hour period. The readings are stored in a small unit that you wear and from this they can then calculate your average BP after you hand it back (not the same day though)

    I have always been reluctant to take meds for anything, there are natural ways to reduce your BP without taking medication. Breathing exercises, meditation, diet control, there is a machine called the 'resperate' which according to the studies has good results, it helps you regulate your breathing with a very simple exercise the idea being that you will then naturally breath a lot slower as we are meant to do which directly affects BP. I checked all the independent studies and had my research friend do the same, results all look genuine so I was ready to buy one (cheaper on ebay) or to do battle with my GP as you can get them on prescription now check NICE guidelines should your GP disagree. Turns out my BP was lower on average than when at my GP's so didn't have to. Good luck.

  • Hello. I have been on medication for years for high blood pressure. I have had a few 24 hour blood pressure checks. You may have high blood pressure or you could have white coat syndrome. However if you have high blood pressure it would be wise to take medication to lower it. Tell your GP how you feel and see what he advises you. Take care and good luck. Carol.

  • HI ALL been having alot of problems with this site hope everything getting back to normal about blood pressure mine is very low all the time does not help when having dizzy spell does any one else have low B P X

  • my BP is 120-118/69-74

    not sure if this is low, normal BP they say 120/80, it seems the lower number is always low. what is your BP milo??


  • i do mine at home then i take a pic on my moble and i show the doc when i go

  • I know one thing I never had a problem till stupid anxiety or if I went to docs, I wish I didn't have a phobia of meds but I do some days I can't stand it! I pray God heals me of this soon I know He will it's just trusting and staying strong! I thank everyone for such kind words bless you so much. I mean this from my heart an I pray for all of you! xx

  • HI ALL my B P IS siting 110/70 and standing 90/58 x

  • me miss you, some people are not posting anymore :(

    i hope you are well


  • hi my bp is always up i have meds for it. my doc put me on 24 hrs monitor. i had to go to docs surgery, the practice nurse set it up yhen home i went. it had to be returned the next morning the reason for this was so my doc could get a more accurate reading. has going to the surgery always sresses me out more. my doc thinks my high bp is a lot to do with my anxiety. so just another to add to the list. xxx

  • dont cancel high bp can be dangerous. your doc may suggest trying to do it by diet & excerise if he/ she is aware of your fear of meds, i can say though ive never had a problem with this medication, & i have cried over having to take meds ive never taken before. good luck.xx

  • HI, please do nit cancel your appt. blood presssure can be a preoblem for a log of people and it needs to be monitored. talk to your doc about your fear of meds. i no there are herbal remedies that can help your bp, i noticed in suerdrugs the other day on the vitimin and medicene counter there was stuff, dont know how bad your bp is? x

  • Problem is only when I go to docs an cannot take meds major phobia I have been going to counselor I guess takes time I'm at my ropes end an get so upset with myself because of not being able to take meds believe me I'm suffering an no one understands just take meds hello phobia!

  • I also suffer from the dreaded white coat syndrome where my blood pressure goes up when I visit the GP but a lot of it steams from the anxiety because as soon as you know your having your bp taken you work yourself up and end up with a higher reading than normal. The best thing to do is tell your .GP and ask if you can record your own bp readings at home when your more relaxed. Also it's very difficult for others to understand your phobia if they have not experienced it themselves so you have to be patient with them my wife really struggles to understand my anxiety and what I have to go through on a daily basis.

  • Yes it's ashame people don't understand my hubby is preety good though thanks for advice have a blessed evening

  • If it is high, I would keep getting it checked as well as find out why this happens, high blood pressure should not be ignored.

    I hope you get this sorted out


  • I was like this when i was pregnant with my son every time i went my bp was sky high it was coz i was scared stupid of being in hosptail i explained to them after i had my son it went down thankgoddnes for that went doctors witch i hate it was a litte bit high again :( hope u sort it out please just go the doctors coz things may get worse and could make you ill and we dont want that .Iv got to go on monday now im bricking it coz iv found a lump

  • Tuesday 17 February 2015 blood pressure 140/62 nurse

  • low blood pressure

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