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Can a job really have someone feeling so hopeless ??

My whole life I dealed with stress and depression but I alwas been the type of person to tuff it up and move on with it hoping it would get better(No medical treatment). Not realizing all this problems would attack me later on in life when I decided to jump in a quick career to get me started not being 100% sure if this what I wanted to do (Medical assistant/receptionist in the medical field) It took me 2 years later to realized the job just isn't for me. I started to develop panik/anxiety attacks and overall stress and depression 2x hard. Not able to focused, lock of energy, short-term memory failure, feeling very overwhelmed and not feeling comfortable at my job and just want to break down and cry because im not satisfy with life period. It effects every aspect of my life. I try to apply for a different job (regular/unstressful job) but no response at all. I feel like im stuck at what im doing' since its pretty much all i have shown for on my resume.

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hi yocey2005,

I'm sorry you're having a rough time.

job satisfaction is important and when we are "well" we can "put up" with one we don't like because we have more of an out of worktime life, we just can have a moan about work and carry on, waiting for payday. when we are not well we are not so resilient.

is it possible that its the anxiety and depression that's making you hate the job? did it always feel wrong?

I only ask because it could be that it was the onset of them returning that unsettled you and made you doubt the job.

I had a friend who enjoyed working on the till at a supermarket, as her depression worsened, she feared getting in trouble if she made mistakes. She actually did her job well and had "regulars" who chose to come to her till. She gradually got so that she asked to be moved to another part, she kept losing confidence and ended up hating it.

She eventually found a gp who listened and she now works in a market where she has less pressure to hurry people through, she still works hard - her gp says she kept pushing herself for a perfection impossible to achieve because of her fear of not being good enough.

have you a good relationship with your gp?

it sounds like you need some time off, and maybe another note after that if you need it.

are you on any meds? if so they might need looking at to find the right balance, once we got mine right, I felt the difference.

please keep in touch.




Whoopy Sandra, you never cease to amaze me!!! Such good advice is rare. All the best. jonathan.


Hi yocey we both have the same problem we both did a job that didn't suit us we both got on with the job even tho we were wishing we were doing something else we didn't get help when the problems came along for yrs we just got on with it and ignored it and as you say tuffed it out instead of getting help you maybe like me put 110% into the job for what seemed no appreciation and now we are left to sort it out It can be done . First off get yourself checked by your dr if you hav'nt already and see if they can help meds or CBT therapy wise there is help out there take it its not a sign of weakness your anxiety and panic attacks are your main problem you say if you've been checked and everything shows normal which it will I'm sure you have to do something strange sounding when the sensations begin you have to do nothing to fight it just say to your self hello your back again are you and carry on doing what you were doing or try to concentrate on something away from it or write down what your feeling what you thinks going to happen so when the event has passed you can look back and see none of the things you thought would happen has happened. from the anxiety and panic let it pass the first time will be hard but once you've done this it will get easier as for your stress you can find something you enjoy doing to ease this if work is a problem maybe a new start may help but if not find a way to make the one your doing suit you I hope you get some peace form the problems your having I now how low this can make you feel but it's something we have to live with because anxiety is a part of everybody's life some of its good anxiety some of its bad anxiety we have to learn to tip the balance into the good anxiety side I hope my waffle helps and I wish you the best and good times ahead Mel


Hello, I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much.

Maybe the first thing is to try to get your anxiety and depression more under control so you can think about what you want. Can you see your GP for medication/CBT or other therapy, and also perhaps take a bit of time off to give you some time to gather yourself.

Things can and do get better. If you hate your job (and I can relate because i'm really struggling at work atm) then there are options, it just isn't as easy as it used to be because of the economic climate and you might have to do more training. Can you think of what you would love to do and where your talents lie and find job that has some of those things in it. Also distance learning courses can be really good for building up your confidence.

I hope you're able to get some help from your GP as it sounds like this might be the best first step. You;re not alone in this.

Take care x


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