The Cold Monster!

I have been doing pretty well over the last few weeks with my panic attacks and anxiety. I have over the last few days been battling against a " Cold". Last night the symptoms of my cold felt quite severe and it raised my anxiety and made me feel really panicky. I was at a point where I was tearful in front of my wife. I know that I have a " Cold" but cannot seem to be able to manage my feelings of panic and anxiety. I get fearful that I will not be able to breathe. Can anybody help?


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  • Hi moley64. Any physical symptom can accentuate nervous problems. Remember; your feelings are those anyone would get with a cold BUT GREATLY EXAGERATED. All symptoms in nervous illness are normal in the circumstances. They are the symptoms "normal" people get but with them they subside quickly and are forgotten. WE hang on to them and thus create more anxiety, more fear and so begins the vicious circle...fear-anxiety-fear! Panic can come to us at any time and is not necessarily the result of a cold. Tearful in front of your wife? I would like pounds for the times this has happened to me. I would be very rich. Do not let it worry you. We men tend to try and put on a "macho" appearance. (Boys do not cry, etc). Women are lucky in that most of them can express their emotions without any fear of appearing "weak". I am sure your wife will understand if she is given enough information about nervous illness. Try and ACCEPT the way you feel at present. It will pass but it does take time. Do not label your illness as a "monster" and DO NOT FIGHT. Go with it to the best of your ability. I emphasis again. This only creates more anxiety. (Look "fight" up in the dictionary and you will see what I mean). ACCEPT how you feel for the moment. Best of luck to you. jonathan.

  • Thanks that is really helpful. I will look to ACCEPT that I have a cold and go with it. A cold is a cold and nothing more. Most of the time I am good at acceptance. I think that I became tired and irrational thoughts started to fill my head.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Hi moley64. If you are good at acceptance then you are three parts of the way home. It is the most important thing in recovery. But make sure it is real acceptance and not just "putting up with". There is a big difference. Wishing you every luck. jonathan.

  • Hi Moley64. but DR Claire Weeks.self helf for nerves and anxiety. I.ts a suffers bible. just reading brings any anxiety symptoms down. which I do often. there so scary u think ur going to die which makes ur symptoms worse. She shows u the way forward to truly accept. Please try this book.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks it is really appreciated. I find it difficult to cope with with my anxiety when I feel physically ill.

  • Just wanted to agree copletely with what porsha has said. I cant explain how much Dr claire weeks book has helped me over the years. When i was in a really dark place when it seemed no health professional could really explain to me what was happening her books really became my lifeline. A must have for anyone suffering from anxiety. I still read it whenever i need support.

  • Please can you tell me where you go Dr Weeks book?

  • I got mine on amazon it wasnt expensive and is worth its price in gold.

  • Thanks

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