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umbrella by sandra

Words can cause you heartache,

Words can cause you pain.

Words can wound and harm you,

and soak you through like rain.

I put up my umbrella,

to keep me safe and dry.

It keeps the words and pain outside,

so I've no need to cry.

My umbrella keeps me protected,

And keeps the world outside.

The words just bounce right off it,

Allowing me to hide.

It also keeps out good words

Of Love, Comfort and Care.

But alone in my umbrella,

I do not hear them there.

I become a prisoner inside

and no matter how hard you try.

I cannot hear you calling,

I only hear ME cry.

But my umbrella blew inside out,

Its arms they opened wide.

And things have changed in my life,

I welcome words inside.

The rain falls down upon me now,

My shelter's gone... and yet:-

When it's raining love and kindness,

I don't mind getting WET!

7 Replies

long may it rain on you.....


STUNNING you dont need to hide under your umbrella now well done lovely verse x x


what such deep and meaningfull words to describe your feelings but your reaching the other side .


Hi sandra99b. What lovely words. It bears out what I have always thought and said. Most of us who suffer are sensitive and creative people. Your poem is really something. May the Sun shine on you after the rain. Blessings and good wishes and thanks.


Lovely! I'm so glad to read your poem. It instantly reminded me of the Beatles song - Love, Love, All you Need is Love! Thanks you for reaching out with yours. Suex


thankyou for sharing thoes words thhey are lovely and yes may the sun shine on after.on you. x x joyce stokes


thank you everyone, your comments mean a lot.




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