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Lesson learnt, get enough sleep!

After my not so great day on Friday, the weekend was okay. Felt a little like Friday had knocked my confidence but made myself go to the bakers and then for a short bike ride in the afternoon on Saturday. Had my other half with me both times but i still made both trips without feeling ill. Had a brief 'moment' on my bike when we couldn't find the geocache we were looking for but talked myself around.

Sunday was a write-off. Did not get enough sleep sat night and was stressing about something and really did not feel good so barely moved off the sofa all day. However, i learnt that this is what happens when i don't get enough sleep and stress about irrelevant stuff so in future i will make sure my mind is clear before i go to sleep and go to sleep at a decent hour. No doubt it's connected to the pills but it's all a learning curve!

Now today, i actually feel good! Whether it's the relaxation or the pills taking hold or just me trying to get through this i do not know! I am signed off all week so at least work is not bothering me. Made it to the shops twice on my own in my car and felt fine both times despite having to stand in a queue. Have managed to find an appetite too so all good. Even one of my ears seems to be clearing now.

However, one is still quite fuzzy and i now also have a bad pain in my neck the same side. What's the doesn't rain, it pours?! :)

Methol Crystals are calling again, i'm trying to steam it away!

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Good to hear you sounding more like your previous positive posts daisy, like the Black Dog, anxiety likes to remind us it's still lurking in the background waiting for an opportunity to take us by surprise. Keep kicking it where it hurts when it does.......!


Really pleased for your Daisy. We very often undervalue the power of a good nights sleep.

I often suggest removing various stimuli from the bedroom so that it turns it to a place of rest. Taking out things like TVs, Game consoles, and even setting your mobile phone to switch off at a certain time so you have no distractions can be helpful. If you do struggle to get to sleep, don't get up and do something...stay in bed, don't turn the light on.

It can be useful to have a bedtime routine. Hot milky drink, a relaxing bath, some relaxation exercises. Making sure you don't have any coffee, or cola drinks. All these little changes can make a big difference.

Happy sleeping.


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