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I shit you not I've just slept 12 hours and it's not the first time I've done this lately I'm so worried now that's somethings wrong with me to sleep that long if I set an alarm I can get up but if I don't it goes till this time I wake up a lot in night but go back to sleep but when it's light I just sleep and sleep so worried:( I've not bin going out much lately either I just stay in the house and play on Xbox I'm wondering if I'm depressed but surely if I was I'd know about it:/

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I do I hate if I sleep more than I should cause I worry about it always count the hours I sleep normally I sleep 9 hours but normally 6-7 hours when I got a job but I can't work yet I'm not ready at all


Light head dizzy vision funny sometimes spaced out everything feels unreal jittery but there on and off you? Xx



Twelve hours is not overly long to sleep if you are exhausted. At some point your body needs to catch up on the lack of sleep that often comes with anxiety/ocd/depression. As for depression - well people often dont know they are clinically depressed until they are told so by the doctor. Certainly some of the symptoms you mention would indicate depression. Anxiety and depression often go together,usually as a result of the anxiety and its quite often devastating effects. Quite often the anxiety goes away when the anxiety is treated successfully. However, depression can be a completely separate illness and needs its own treatment. A psychiatrist will normally be the one to differentiate between the causes.


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Thank you:) I'll ask doctor about it:)


You are accumulating a sleep deficit each time you don't sleep for as long as you need to like on 6-7 hour nights and also with your waking up you aren't getting a decent sleep.

Eventually your body will sleep and do what it can to reduce that sleep deficit.

Do not worry now if it was happening a lot then you could speak to the Dr but I honestly think your body is pretty exhausted with the anxiety and you have a sleep deficit it is just trying to catch up.

My husband was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME when he was 21. He was burning the candle at both ends he partied most of the night, went home had a couple hours sleep (if that sometimes) went to work and started all over again. He then got an ear infection which hospitalized him for two weeks because his body couldn't deal with it. He had exhausted himself through his lifestyle. He was literally work, eat, party, maybe sleep, repeat for a long time. It messed him up for 10 years big time. He isn't fixed and never will be but he manages his condition occassionally he works stupid hours and I see the signs appearing that he us about to crash. He can sleep without waking for days. When he first got ill it was 3 days solid not even awake for the toilet. His mum freaked out and thought he was dead. The point I'm trying to make without scaring anyone reading this is the sleep deficit. It's important to us and we need it so our bodies can cope. Had he listened to his chances are he may not have this problem now but we can't turn back the clock. He sure has to sleep to make up any deficit.

Again I wasn't trying to scare anyone just show that our bodies do need sleep no matter how much we defy them. X

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Would love to sleep for 12 hours - certainly wouldn't worry about it. I'm lucky if I sleep for mere than 2 hours at a stretch!!!


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