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Sleep Dread :(

It's been about 8 months since I have experienced this fear of sleep. It started when an acquaintance died of her sleep (cardiac arrest I supposed). I have known that she has some history of illness which alleviates the cause of death. With this information, I was not still able to convince myself that it was an isolated case and what happened to her won't mean will also happen to me. Out of paranoia I even went for a medical check up just to make sure that I am in good health. But still, lingering thoughts about fear persists every night before bed. It even affected some of my daily activities. I even gave up my part of my thesis writing to focus on this but still the urge of going back to that thinking really kills me and massively affect my everyday work. Being a teacher, it's hard not to get enough sleep and face your students the next day. I went to a psychiatrist once and gave me some advice. He even prescribed some meds which I took for some time. I tried to solve this problem as natural as I can. reading posts on the internet about Mindfulness and etc.

I hope I could get some good and useful advice from you guyss. Than you very much and hope to hear from any of u soon. Let's all fight together on this! God bless

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I am experiencing similar. A colleague of mine passed away in October after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in July. She actually died of pneumonia in the end, but seeing the weight she lost and pain she was in from the cancer was terrifying. I couldn't eat and lost a lot of weight stressing about it, I'm sure physical symptoms were caused by me overthinking and convincing myself I had some sort of cancer. I went to the doctor and she asked how old my colleague was, she was early 60s so I understood what my doctor was trying to say but couldn't, and still can't to a certain extent, stop thinking about it.

I just try to think life is too short to worry about things that are out of our control but I understand how you feel x


Appreciated the reply littlemissworry ...Life is truly meant to be celebrated than to be worried about everything out of our control...Still doing my best on this.. :)

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hope u have a good day there!


Sounds like my thoughts I am scared to go to sleep at times it wither keeps me up late of wakes me up. I can not hear anything about anyone because the paranoia kicks in and my health anxiety goes through the rough. Last night I had pretty good sleep but it's because I was exhausted. I don't take meds I just try to handle everything naturally with positive thoughts. I took of gotten many check ups as well. I am reading a book with quotesquotes by famous people that let you look forward to each day that has helped me as well.


Yes definitely it helps to refocus your thoughts. Reading positive notes everyday is one the great options. Hope u get better each day too.


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