My anxietys got really bad! I can't hardly sleep and feel sick all the time and constantly panic,anyone reccomend any helpful advice.thanku

I'm always constantly panicking through daily life from when I get up to when I eventually go to sleep, I've tried many methods:medication and it's made no difference, I can't even get a bath without fear I'm going to pass out of something, go into public places without thinking I'm going to wet myself and that people are staring at me, I can't even go out my door without psyching myself up and encouraging myself to go, near enough 90% of the times it fails,I started to do my shopping online too so I don't have to go out of my home, I have a constant fear of dying and have play like thoughts in my head of picturing me dying and family members, I get almost every anxiety symptom both mentally and physically, I'm only 19 and feel helpless. I feel like a freak too, doctors just fob me off all the time and just tell me to wait for my psychiatrist appointment in AUGUST! I really don't know what to do!!!


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  • You sound like me right now. I can't even sleep I'm always scared of dying. My heart has been feeling like its speeding up then slowing down. My hands twitch and shake. I've even started getting itchy when im getting really anxious. My doctor prescribed me ativan till I can see my therapist and psychiatrist. Hope you can get some help soon I know how you feel I'm going through the same and all I want to do is cry now because I'm so scared of everything.

  • I can't even use different shampoos/conditioners and food thinking in going to have an alergic reaction and die,my whole days a constant battle with fear x

  • Oh you poor love you do sound so desperate. Firstly all these horrendous terrifying symptoms and thoughts are al normal with Panic and Anxiety disorder. I am 63 and have suffered on and off all my life. You're not going to die because of them. They are harmless. August is a long time to wait. Can i suggest you contact N H S direct and ask for your local Mental Health Team. You can self refer and get an on line consultation. Its us that create and fuel these attacks and only us can stop them. I had 2 courses of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Trust me It Works . Wish i could say something to convince you they are harmless. You will learn to stop them in their tracks. Good luck love and do get support from your friends on this site x

  • Hi, thanks for the useful information about NHS direct, I didn't know you could get online help from them. xx


  • Can I ask a question.. have u ever actually passed out? I can relate sooo much, it's almost as if I could have written this!! I know exactly how you feel and I am so sorry that it's happening to you. The only way I am able to fight it is through prayer and honestly getting mad and fighting back. A few years ago I stopped being afraid to die, once I took the fear of death away from has made it a lot easier to deal with. I tell myself, if I pass what? Millions of people pass out everyday and they are fine. Now I know death is a very scary thing and most of us who suffer from anxiety and panic arw terrified of it, but try to think about it this way.. no one has ever died from a panic attack. It feels awful, but it cannot, I repeat , cannot kill you. I believe in heaven, so I tell myself, if I am the first person in history to die from panic..then at least I will go to heaven, thats not a bad thing. If u don't believe in heaven , and you think dying is just like ending life ..then truthfully you won't know the difference anyway. I read something once it said FEAR DOES NOT STOP DEATH..IT STOPS LIFE.

    I know how hard it is, but there is hope, and I am here for you. ♡♥♡

  • I have been suffering anxiety since November and had panic attacks everyday always had palpitations and scared of everything was too overtired to sleep, from being scared, you should try gradually getting out more, then start jogging, I promise you this will help!

  • Hi Ellis95. I empathise with your every word and understand what you are going through. I suggest that you get yourself a notebook/paper and write down all of your symptoms and all of your thoughts, however absurd you may think they are, just get them down on paper, do it daily and put dates down, I assure you this will be your bible that you can refer to for your own self reassurance that you have been there before and nothing bad happened, this will diminish and accept symptoms/thoughts quicker and give you hope that you will get through it. Then after getting all of the negative down on paper on a new page etc write Positive Action, and list all of the things YOU could do to cope/support yourself through this illness, exercise is a brilliant way of getting that serotonin we need to feel more able to cope, talk to your friends its amazing how many pals will get you through, read books on understanding your anxiety/whats happening in your body Claire Weekes books are old school but tells it in a way that strikes home. I know how difficult it can be to be motivated I assure you but doing nothing will fuel your anxiety even more, action diminishes anxiety fast, know matter how hard it is, its better to be panicking/anxious but doing something to help alleviate things and eventually it will be more manageable or only come now and again than let anxiety control and take your life. Self help groups are brilliant, your mental health team may no of some in your area, Mind have a list on there website. Take care D x

  • Hi everything you are going threw I feel I am the exact same I was 20 when it first started and I didnt understand it as much then but yes its very scary I can't remember when mine got so bad but I remember when I could take medication without a second thought now Ivery rrarely will take medication incase I have a reaction to it don't eat new foods ect can't even go away for a night with my partner and even enjoy it fearing if I pass out and believe my sometimes I feel that bad I do believe I will but the thing is I never do all these symptoms you feel are horrrible yes but not harmfull its strange what stress and anxiety can do to the body even if at that time of your life you could be stress free and don't feel anxious at all but the fact is its only anxiety and you can get better I've been at that place where each minute of the day your terrifed heavy heart tight chest feeling so sick just feel like giving up but don't get strong think positive fight back have an attitude like I only have one life and am not living like this u need to find something that helps u go back and forth to the doctors so what if u feel stupid don't take them brushing u off as an answer their there to help so make them no one deserves to settle living life with anxiety coz its not fun hope u get threw this and sorry about the long reply but I hope it helps

  • Are you taking any medication?

  • Hi I totally now how u are feeling I have suffers with chronic anxiety for as lkng as I remember I can't remember what it's like to feel normal or relaxed! I to also won't try anything new as I am scared I will have a reaction. I don't drink anything except water as I am scared dizzy juice ect will do something to my heart! I also will not go for bath/shower unless someone is in the house with me I can not bear to be alone as I am terrified something will happen to me, I cannot go a day without thinking about death/dying it's such a poor way of life, I constantly think I am taking a heart attack I am constantly at a&e threw it and I am mortified that I have to keep on doing this and wasting doctors time but of I do not go and get reassured I sever anxiety/panic attacks. And the I also have got every symptom under the sun! I cannot belive that anxiety and your mind can make you feel the way it dose if u need anyone to talk to I am here there's nothing worse dealing with this illness on your own I know as my family, friends are sick of me complaining about not feeling rite :( xx

  • Hi, you sound like me at times. Thankfully im on top of my anxiety but that can change at any moment. First of all i wanted to tell you your not alone or a freak. Its a really auful illness and hard to cure. The way i get through is to realise anxiety is against me and ruining my life so i try to fight it all the way. When your feeling panicky try to relax an breathe slowly take your mind of your symtoms.When your out in public do the same it doesn't matter if your anxious or even if you do wet yourself. It doesn't matter what people think of you, they don't understand what your going through and the battles you face.You have to fight it every day as hard as it is don't let it will or beat you. Try to make yourself go out every day but in small steps don't get stcuk indoors all the time. You need to tell yourself you can go out and you will.As with the dying phobia i had that as well, i realised if i die or someone i love there is nothing i ca ndo to stop it and i need to enjoy life and be happy while im here and they are. Don't let worry take over you try your hardest to fight it.Hope that has helped and we chat furthur been through it for years.

  • That sounds awful hun. Have u tried yoga . My Dr recommend it as a form of relaxation and it did really help . I find the concentrating on gentle exercise Rly helps calm me down. I know it's not much but anything is worth a try xx

  • You are feeling exactly like me Hun. I'm having similar problems with going out. I freaked in the bath last night thinking I was going to faint lol. But Ive had allot if tests and I'm having to come to terms with it's not going to harm me. I'm in the house now it's my birthday and I'm scared of picking my gf up as ill panic. Stay strong and remember even tho you feel your going to die or wet yourself. What's the worse that could happen? The worse never comes :) x

  • Thankyou for all your advice I'm very grateful and doctors will only fob me off with beta blockers and anti depressants while I wait for my psychiatrist appointment xx

  • hi. I have been taking avena satina by a vogel. available at health shops eg Holland and barret. it has really helped me. may b worth a try. good luck and best wishes x

  • if you get in touch with your local mind organisation they may b able to help sooner. they were great with me when I turned up one day when just didn't no where to turn. really careing and understanding. x

  • I am bout the same way. I freak out all the time and think im gonna pass out and die. Ive been to the er twice this week and had two ekg's and a bunch of.blood work wich all came back normal. They keep telling me its anxiety and.i should see a specialist, wich is hard cause i barely talked myself into goin to the er. I barely leave the house, and scared to death to drive cause i mite pass out and crash. Im recently goin thru a divorce but dont kno it that has anything to do with it.i stay light headed dizzy and cottonmouth all day long and stay freaked out soon as my eyes pop open, and sometimes wake up in middle of the night freaking out. Idk if this is anxiety or if i am going krazy!!

  • We all seem to share the same symptoms in on way or another on this site, regardless of the exact MH diagnosis which we have.I've been down the medication route and was mislead, misdiagnosed, so trust in GP's is very low.Luckily I have support from Combat Stress, who are experts in the field of PTSD. There is so much we can do to help ourselves, though I find myself even too lazy to do them, i.e meditation etc.Having somebody to confide in is 100% a bonus x

  • Please, visit the following website. You will find lots of useful information on many different natural products and therapies that can be used to stop anxiety and panic attacks. Symptoms, causes and solutions are described.

  • What symptoms do you get? I wonder because I am going crazy with random pain that comes and goes

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