Had enough!!!!!!!


Well it's here again ... The dreaded anxiety. Had sum therapy a wk ago and felt great was free for a whole wk.Had another session Fri and I'm back to squareOk one ??

I feel awful crying all the time just can't keep it together. Feel so sorry for my hubby and little boy to have to go thru this all the time. Feel like running away but the trouble is I'm still locked it with this awful illness. Any support wud be gratefully recieved.


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  • Awww jayne i know this feeling to well but you will have ups and downs during recovery. i was well for 4 years! till this year my anxiety came back...I also have my hubby and 3 young children who watch me go through it and its not good keep your chin up and for lots of instant support go to depression-chat-rooms.org/ i will also be online to chat. Kirsty x

  • Thanx sooo much Kirsty I just feel so alone. None of my friends understand wat I'm going thru. I so want to b my old bubbly self again but feel that person us long gone ; (

  • yes i know the felling i want nothing more to be me again :( infact a would eat dog poo if someone told me it was a cure lol we will get there hun im sure we just have to keep fighting x

  • I know huni I wud do owt to get better. Trouble is I know this is a set bac and I wil av better days but wen the bad days hit u in the face u can't believe those gud days wil cum. Tomorrows a new day hey. Xxxxx

  • i know just how you feel but the bad days r getting much less we will get stronger after all this is over

  • I hope so Hun. Feel like all I do is keep fighting. Suppose I'm tired and want so much to b better. Xx

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