Had enough !

I'm so fed up of every single pain, mark , niggle putting me into panic every day I need to sort this out I can't live rest of my life like this ! it's mental torture but I'm doing it to myself but how do I stop ?? I do see therapist an do feel yes I can do this after seeing her but couple of days later anxiety is full on again ! Help !!


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  • Hello

    This niggle pain , you know it is nothing deep down or they would have been doing tests on you , see it as a little unwanted visitor instead , the one that is unwelcome but trying to get in called " Anxiety " if you can accept that which takes time but with practice can be achieved you will give it less importance and the less importance it has in your life the less control it will have over you :-)

    When we are seeing a therapist we always feel better straight after and then feel we are slipping while waiting to go again , this is normal but take what ever she has taught you from the sessions and use this till your next meeting , they give us the tools to work with and again with practice picking them up when we need them we get better at using them and needing reassurance :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you , it's so hard i know I'm such a pushover to anxiety it's so scary just want to run to doctor's every couple of days x

  • I too suffer with this and I am getting fed up of it too. I constantly feel that my symptoms are something more than anxiety, I find it hard to believe that they are not something more serious. What type of pains are you having?

  • It's in my abdomen this pain but it trying to work out if it's more thinking about it ? do I notice it when I'm busy ? does it feel worse? this is going on in my head all day !! But before this was dizziness that tortured me for weeks convinced something bad with that then had throat problems then chest problems then mark on leg thought t skin cancer , lump behind ear, the list goes on !! Thanks for reply and sorry for going on an on !!

  • Wow haha that's amazing, I literally have all those problems too. It's horrible isn't it, i found lumps on my throat, testicles, stomach, thigh, lumps everywhere, terrible abdominal discomfort, pain and swelling, chest pains and tightness, and my list goes on too. To me it sounds like you just have anxiety and nothing else wrong. I know it's hard to believe, I find it hard too! But i suppose we just have to start believing in order to get better! I'm going for tests soon, for a full body check up, and if everything comes back OK then I'm going to force myself to stop the worrying, it's gone on 8 years too long. I find that doing what makes your heart and soul feel good takes away the pains. For example, something new and exciting. Get out of routine, if you can find something then stick to it, I think i have found something for me and my pains are already starting to go.

  • I know it's the focusing searching for things it's just getting ridiculous like being locked in your own mind with the devil an all the shutters down because life goes on around you an don't see any of it because all time took up with worry , it's a hard circle to break isn't it ? But what else can we do because I've had enough living like this, well existing !! You sound like you have a plan an your right I really need to get out of this rutt, thank you x

  • Hi, I have this problem too, I've lost count of the number of times I've been to the doctor with various pains over the last year or so. That and very bad stomache acid. Always diagnosing myself with something awful and then the Dr always says there's nothing wrong and it's anxiety. I'm about to start therapy next week, I really hope it helps as I'm so fed up with this! I do notice pain disappears if I'm distracted, and my logical head says they are nothing.. but anxiety head likes to tell me otherwise!

  • It drives me mad I just seem to constantly focus an check how I am all day everyday and like you anxiety convinces me more than dr or therapist !! Thanks for reply x

  • It's as though I wrote this myself! I have had abdomen pain recently and have convinced myself it's absolutely some kind of cancer. Spent half an hour in floods of tears because I was so overwhelmingly worried about it. At least after my crying episode I felt somewhat slightly better.

  • I know the fear builds up till you just don't know what to do with yourself it's horrible x

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