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so i lay awake at night up to any where between 2 and 4 thinking through every scenario possible. how i would tell people i have cancer? how i would cope if close family or friend/s died? what my future is going to be like? Am i going to be succsessful? Am i going to live till i'm 70? How many kids will i have?..if any! Will i have a nice husband? where will i meet him? what job will i have? will i get paid an fair wage?........i cant keep this up very longer..

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I too have been like you, wondering, thinking too much, scared of what might be, I suffer anxiety etc, but I have decided that no matter how much I worry, think etc nothing is going to change, I will die when I die, I will be as I am meant to be, if I can rid myself of this Monster again I will, if not I will simply have to live with it to the best of my ability, I have decided as much as I can that what will be, will be and I am trying to leave it at that, I have enough to fight without adding things that I can do little or nothing about to it. I think it might be of some help to you to try and do a little bit similar, put some things, if you are able to, on the back boiler, and live what life you can.

Love and luck to you.


thank you! i do try and think do you know what? if my life turns out this way good and if it turns out another then thats ok too but even though as many times i tell my self it will be ok no matter how it turns out but then i still keep thinking about it and if i try to think about something else thats just random the thought of my furture over rides it. i dont know how to control it!

best wishes xx


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