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why cant i sleep

i have anxiety which started about 8 months ago out of the blue witch was put down to the menapause i took tablets but i gradually came off them i still have panic attacks but i am dealing with them my worse problem is sleep when i got this icould not sleep at all and it made everything ten times worse i got sleeping tablets but they didnt work but started to work afew weeks later then i got less powerful ones then two weeks ago i stopped them and i went on holiday and slept great now just this week i havent slept 4 3 days and i dont know if this is right because i was doing so well now im worried im going to go back wards to when i felt so bad

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you are proberly worry about bed before you go to bed will I sleep tonight, hence no sleep the more we noticed and think about things the higher our anxiety goes then the mind starts working overtime bringing load of thoughts one after an other.

have you tried reading mag or book for a while before bed? dont go on computer as this makes your mind more active. what about a glass of warm milk and a warm bath before bed.

now how you feel been there but the more you think about it the worse it is


i know im trying not to think about it but my kids r only 10 and8 and i need to sleep so i can take them out tomorrow but now im worried even before i get in bed but ive done all the things your meant to do milk bath allthat and it was going well but this week its all gone again thanks 4 listening


HI i am exactly like you but my doctor does not think it is menopause what tablets are you taking my attack came like you out of nowhere i was doing a crossword the next thing i knew i was in A AND E i have zopiclone to help me sleep but when i am anxious they dont work i dont take any other meds too scared x


i take zopicone but i went down to a lower strengh but at the moment there not working but i dont feel stressed so i dont understand why i cant sleep


hi scooby, .try kalms or rescue remedy night,or mayby even a drink,just one to relax the mind.its the thoughts running round in our minds, that keep us awake,I know from experiene,the more I try to sleep the more I toss and turn,if you ly in bed with your eyes open and don't try to sleep, you will find your eyes closing,i've tried this and it works,reading a book also helps,some nights I sleep,and some Ican't,but you can't force yourself to sleep,it just has the opposite effect...hope this


thank you did sleep sat but only because i had to take the sleeping tablets and now ive had two panic attacks since taking tablet hate taking them because they confuse me when i wake up in the morning but at leased im getting some sleep just git to keep going


I've found that Nytol (Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride) is really good - I think it calms the anxiety as well as helping you sleep. I also find that going to another room to sleep is often succcesfull. Hope you can find a solution. Best Wishes.


Hi there

I worked with a client with anxiety that had real issues around his sleep. He used to worry that he wouldn't get enough sleep, and he would be very tired the next day, which would mean he wouldn't be able to cope with the tasks he felt he needed to complete.

The first thing we did together was looked at his bedtime routine and his caffeine intake. He used to watch TV (DVD boxsets) before he tried to get to sleep. Together we decided to try to make a few small changes. He didn't really watch anything on TV, so we decided there would be no TV after 9pm, and no TV in the bedroom...I know it sounds like naughty school kid stuff, but there is research that suggests watching TV, playing on the internet or with a mobile activates the mind making it difficult to get to sleep.

The next thing was setting the timer on his mobile so it would switch off. He started drinking decaf tea and coffee during the day, and at night he would have a warm milky drink. He practised Mindful Breathing exercises and would sometimes go for a warm relaxing bath. TV was replaced with reading for half an hour. If he was unable to get to sleep, he was to remain in bed...not get up and go and do something, but remain in the darkened room in bed. No matter what the temptation, the mobile was not turned on until morning. His alarm was always set, and he would get up each day even if he had no specific task that required him to be out of bed.

No cat naps were allowed during the day, in fact if he felt tired, he was encouraged to go outside for a walk, even if it was for only 5 or 10 minutes. Within 7 days he found he was starting to get to sleep at what he considered a reasonable time...not the normal (his normal) 2 or 3 in the morning.

I was wondering what your night time routine is like? Do you have one? Not many of us do, but it is amazing how the little changes we make can have a massive positive impact on our lives.

Good luck and sweet dreams.


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