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any one else feel like their disconnected from the world?

im a 21 year old male i had a panic attack 2 weeks ago , ever since then ive been suffering with symptoms of anxiety such as really bad thoughts and senarios about dying and death. really struggling to cope with my breathing from day to day and each day is diffrent. im not sure what has brought on this anxiety it could be due to the amount of loss in my family or my failed relationship with my ex fiance.

it hits me worst at night , mornings and at work! constantly thinking the worst , i think im developing all these conditions

i think the more i worry the worse i will get as its playing a big part in my life at the moment.

living in this house is defo a big contribution to my anxiety , theres so much going on i find it hard to concentrate.

working at a busy chipshop in the height of the summer is very hard.

when im not worrying im having breathing problems i think this is due to the fact im so tense.

i seem to be avoiding food , sex , and music the things that used to make me happy before i started getting the symptoms.

does anyone else actually feel any of these feelings:(:(



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Hi Jay yes I have all the feelings you have.Read the blogs and questions on this site and you will see everyone elses stories so your not alone.Ha ve you been to a doctor to ask for help ??


im glad to hear im not alone with these feelings i thought i was going mad , ive only just recently moved to the area im in so im not affliated with a doctor atm


Well i would get registered with one then its peace of mind for you


thanks for the advice ill try and get registerd with one as soon as possible


You're not alone at all. When I am going through a blip, like I am at the moment I feel as though I am not put together right and that I am the only one that feels like this. It really sucks (understatement I know) but you are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE!


hey i have been suffering with this for ages i cant stop thinking that somert is wrong with me and im going to die from something at any minute. i know im petrified of death so i guess all the symptons around that i think i have. im now pregnant and convinced i will die giving birth. i always concentrate on my breathing to.


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