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Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd introduce myself as im new on here. I have been suffering from Anxiety for about 9 years now and have had CBT therapy for PND after my little girl was born 22 months ago. I was on anti depressants for about 18 months and i am feeling a lot better. However financial struggles have recently made my anxiety levels rise considerably, so i was looking for a bit of reassurance and to share a few stories from like minded people. Thanks for reading!

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Spill your guts out. People will listen and offer advice and most of the time there are lots of people who are in the same boat.


Hello!welcome to this really lovely site!ucan share your feelings be open and give support!isn'it fantastic???;-)


Hi ya,

Yes i am afraid that these anxious things are here to test us and we have to face them, keep strong and come out the other end....and we will survive because it is what we do, hang in there :-)


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