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had nearly 2 weeks of minimal anxiety and now its back worse than ever


Well where to start......

i have had some really good days between the 10th and 24th of this month, (sorry if tmi and no sympathy needed) even after i miscarried on the 17th i was still feeling quite "normal" which was a surprise to myself.

My and my partner got married on the 18th and spend a few days kid free in the highlands and after picking the kids up from the mother in laws on the 25th we started the journey home. Anyway and hour into the 7hour journey the car started playing up and for some reason i had a panic attack, the car was overheating and in my mind i was thinking "omg car is going to set on fire when i'm driving and the kids are in the car"

Since then my anxiety has been sky high even thought we did make it home all in one piece.

Saturday night i started feeling unwell with headache, sickness, shivers and unable to sleep and with having the miscarriage i had to go into hospital to get checked over, all was normal but i'm still feeling unwell with headaches and dizzy spells.

So with feeling unwell i'm worrying something serious is wrong and today my chest has been tight, headaches, pain in neck, just generally aching in my chest and arms and I've had a few palpitations this evening. Plus a mild panic attack tonight when i got home from shopping as i thought i was just going to pass out.

So i'm now worrying i have something wrong with my heart, i know these pains ect are caused by my anxiety as when i'm having a good day the aches and pains are minimal or not there at all.

I came off the beta blockers when i found out i was pregnant but as i am no longer i still had a few left so took one tonight, only a 10mg dose, so i hope that will help calm my brain a little. Going to ring doctors tomorrow to get an appointment to get them prescribed again and to have a chat about how i'm feeling again.

Not sure if what i have just wrote down makes sense but just needed to get it out that i'm feeling a bit of a mess tonight, thank you for reading. x

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Oh rels, you are having such a tough time. I have to say most people would be feeling quite anxious if they had experienced the same as you. I am so sorry to hear about the miscarriage.

Do make sure you go to the doctors tomorrow and talk to them. Tell them all you have told us.

Wishing you well and good luck. Karen x


HI RELS so sorry to hear about your miscarriage and now you have the anxiety back all i can say is the same as STRUGGLINGMUM please go to doctor will be thinking of you x


oh my gawd you really have been put through it! i do wish you all the best and im sorry to hear about your mischariage. please take it easy. read lots of good books on anxiety, o.c.d.

all the best


rang doctors this morning my usual doctor i cant see as his next available app is the 23rd September and that is just too far away. I'm a bit anxious about seeing a doctor I've never met before so my partner is coming with me for a bit of support. I just keep thinking i'm going to get fobbed off.

Today has been bad I've had constant neck and shoulder pain and a bit of a headache :( its getting quite sore now and painkillers aren't touching it. I start back with the cbt tomorrow so i hope that helps me aswel. x


I am worried about you, I would ring NHS Helpline and see what they suggest. It may not be the time to start cbt. How ridiculous you have to wait all that time for an appointment? I too have had 2 great weeks and suddenly gone down again. I hope you feel a lot better soon x


Ellabella thanks for your concern, i went to the doctors today. I explained how i've felt this past week and that i was struggling with the pain i am in. she checked over my pulse and blood pressure and they were fine, As she was a new doctor she went and checked with the main one and he said he was certain the pains and discomfort i am having is down to the anxiety and didn't want to send me for an ECG. They prescribed me the beta-blockers again and i've only taken one 10mg dose this afternoon and i do feel better in myself and the pain has subsided. I have got to go back in 3 weeks so they can check how i am doing.



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