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I'm new here. Worried about going back to work

H :) I'm new here so not sure if i'm doing this right.

I had two weeks off work sick due to health reasons and i am due back on Tuesday however, I'm very nervous about this! I'm worried about walking in there after being off so long and worried so many things will have changed.

Is this feeling normal?

How can I overcome this? Thank you for your help.

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It can be awkward when after time you need to return to a situation that to many is normal. It will take you time to settle down and get back to this normal situation.

Take a deep breath and carry on with your past duties.

In my case I was retired and pensioned a long time ago, we never know what life will offer us

Be strong and hopefully everything will fall back into place.

Welcome and good luck for Monday, you will fall back into the situation soon

We are here if you need to vent



Thank you for your reply. I can't believe how nervous I am. I still have tomorrow off but I'm working myself up so much x


2 weeks isn't long. You could always pop in tomorrow on a social visit with donuts to break in more gently.


I like that idea Goldfish.


That is a good idea but its quite a distance for me :( I will defiantly take snacks for them all on Tuesday. I keep thinking its only two weeks, its nothing so I don't know why i'm getting all worked up :(


It depends on the " health reasons " One thing I've realised over the years is that no one cares as much as you think they do We are much harder on ourselves than we need to be If somebody is off with you work or anywhere you need to say something like " Do you mean to be as hurtful / nasty / thoughtless /rude ,as you sound " Wether it be a broken leg or a broken heart we all need time to heal ,inside and outside Don't rush back to work if you aren't ready , Take some Me time have a duvet day X

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Thank you for the reply. I try to think if someone else is off sick then when they get back I just act normal so why would anyone act different with me? I have brought them all biscuits today aswell. I'm so nervous! xx


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