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Fed up and tired

I'm so tired of this anxiety how can something as simple as feelings ruin your life FEAR I was signed of work last April after being on sick leave since November and after countless therapy sessions seems like millions of drugs all woth horrible side effects I'm still no better I'm sorry I think this is a feel sorry for myself moment I know millions of,people suffer as well I read all the info don't fight it let it happen show it your not scared how can you when you are terrified I was on paroxatine for 10years and it was great then it seemed to loose it's effects now I'm on Cymbalta 3rd week,only effect is making me exhausted and want to stay in bed all day which is awful I just don't know what to do except cry .

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If you feel the need to cry hun then do so. Im sure it will help somewhere. Unfortunately the only thing we can do is fight it all the time. There is no miracle cure and if there was i would be first in the queue but there is not so it is a fight at all times but im sure so long as we get good days as well and around people that care and understand then surely it has to be worth the hassle of fighting it. Try to be positive.


Hi Meadow, sometimes crying is all you can do as it's absolutely draining and we are all entitled to a weep just don't let it turn into a sob. Crying and feeling sorry for yourself can help recharge your batteries and make you feel right sod this you are not going to beat me! Just don't like I say let it turn into a sob. We are all here for you.


I honestly believe that just talking to people who share the same problems can help you don't always need specialist trained personnel just someone who you can share your problems with will help and knowing that you can turn to this person when you need to. Anxiety is such a powerful thing and will always try to control you but talking about it as much as you can will help. If I could set up a chat site to be bake to talk to people in real time I would cause I know getting reassurance as much as you can does help.

This is just my opinion and how I feel.


The best people to help ease your levels of anxiety are those who suffer themselves. When they say they will support you they do. When you need to talk they are here. When your alone and feeling lost they will listen and guide. They do not judge, nor do they make out they are better... Everyone on this site is suffering with anxiety/panic one way or another and as long as people are honest and able to support this site will always be available 24/7 Good luck and best wishes to all that have this horrible malicious thing called anxiety. There are no words for it because all it does is takes us to a level we wish we had never got or found out about so for me its called a thing, a thing that feels it has the right to take over, NO IT DOES NOT WE ARE THE POWERFUL ONES AND SO LONG AS WE KEEP TELLING OURSELVES THIS THEN NOTHING WILL EVER TAKE OUR LIVES AND HAPPINESS AWAY. x


I feel your pain buddy. I'm only 21, anxiety has ruined my childhood and teenage years and I can't see anything happening soon to improve it. I'm so lonely and depressed with living in fear everytime I step out the house.

Speaking to a counselor definitely helps short time, but unfortunately only for the few hours following a session then life goes to the same old. Well for me anyway.

You're not alone pal, be strong.


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