Need a helping hand please

Hi , I'm sorry to keep writing the same thing all the time, but I wake up with a terrifying fear, and some days are worst than others like today, it just takes over your hole body, and the thought of getting through yet ANOTHER DAY feeling like this, and trying so hard to get through the day, how embarrassing is that I find it so very hard to do everyday task, the only way I can handle it is to get up snx get out, we're do I go ALL day ??????? it's horrendous I don't know how much longer I can do this for, need a helping hand today please x


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  • Goodmorning Sandra,sorry that your having a bad day I too often wake ( normally in the early hours!) with a bone numbing fear of the future,heart and mind racing and stomach in knots.I have learnt to get up and get busy rather than out, any kind of a distraction to try and calm my crazy brain and find a way back to positive thoughts.There seems to be no easy cure so all I can say is your not on your own,take help wherever you can and don't stop fighting.

  • Hi u need to think positive I know how u feel I'm having a few bad days where I don't want to do anything

    The best thing u are doing is trying to get through it push yrself n in time it does ease n things go get easier but it takes time but I know we say in our heads go away n we ask ourselves y is this happening it's just a shame we are stuck w this illness and in time things will pick up chin up onwards n upwards xx

  • Hi there I have downloaded positive thinking affirmations app on my phone and when ever I feel down earphones in and away I go just blocking the negative out ...hope this helps

  • Thank you for being there. X

  • Try to think positive thoughts. Have you talked to your doctor about how you feel?

  • Thanks for replying yes my GP knows but apart from medication there's not much they can do,I'm seeing a councillor privately she said iv got post dramatic stress disorder that's making the server depression/ anoxtiey worsen, thanks for being there xx

  • Positive thoughts helps a lot to manage that for sure.

  • It does help me. Hope you had a good weekend.

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