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Does Diazapam work for Borderline personality disorder

I have not been diagonesd with it yet but after researching and finding this site I realise this is what my problem is

it has been made worse the past few weeks due to the facet that my sister has been going around telling people that im mad and she cant trust me with her child! that in its self is a joke has two weeks prior to this I was lookng after my siters kids

This coupled that my mother dosnt want to listen to me and has stated that im mad and need to be locked up in a mental instituation

this was all caused becaus my sister started to spread lies around to my friends and family about my daugther and men

in wasy what has happend is good has i will never speak to my sister again she is dead to me she has blocked all contact from me with my nieces and nephews and has told them lies about me too

what ive come to realise about this situation is that whatI did was right after speaking to my dauther i realised the same emotinal andmental abuse my sister and mother put me through has a child they did the same thing to my child so in a way its good has i dont want my child growing up like me and resenting the world becaued she has been brainwashed into thinking so

im now on my own with my 16 yer old child who wants a life but at times I stop that

im going to be trying diazapam please tell me if others have taken this drug and does it work thankyou for all your support

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hi thisisit, ive been diagnosed with bpd for just over a year, i have had the same family problems you have talked about and now i dont really speak to them as they just find it too hard to cope with, if you would ever like to chat ill be here to listen as people with bpd just need someone there to listen and not judge. im from plymouth and there is a good website for plymouth should have a look as the info on there for bpd is brillant.take care x


Diazepam is a tranquilliser/sedative and not a specific treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder. Diazepam is also highly addictive and should not be used without medical supervision, especially if you have complex issues. It can also lead to increased anxiety when the effects wear off.

Borderline Personality Disorder is also a specific and complex diagnosis. In general, therapy is the front line treatment indicated. However you need a professional diagnosis before deciding you have BPD. This is very important.

It seems from your post that you are going through a family crisis - on top of long-standing issues of emotional abuse within your family. This is definitely going to trigger serious anxiety and trauma. The best approach for dealing with life trauma is counselling or therapy, perhaps supplemented by medication although only under supervision.

Please think carefully before taking diazepam on your own without advice.

I posted a link to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy earlier today, you could check it out and see if there's help there for you. Your first port of call, right now, today, is to contact your GP and let her or him know what is going on for you.



Diazepam is useful if you have a large number of panic attacks throughout the day. Technically you're allowed to take it everyday, but I wouldn't, more because you'll start believing you can't go without it than because you will become physically addicted (though that's a strong possibility at higher doses).

I'm not sure it's used for anything other than panic attacks and severe insomnia to be honest. I found it useful when my panic attacks were very bad and very frequent, though I only took a pill after trying everything else first. I would also take them if I had gone 35 hours or more without sleep. I think it's probably a good idea to leave them as the last resort like that.

I think when it comes to meds, they normally prescribe anti-depressants to people with BPD, but intensive therapy is the real treatment for it to be honest. If you are worried you have BPD, you should speak to your GP about having a psychiatric referral. Only a psychiatrist can diagnose it.

Good luck


Diazepam is not the answer. My advice would go and see your GP, tell them of the problems including the family problems. Seriously no matter how we feel from day to day we let ourselves get dragged down. I have been there and all my life have done for everyone, now im in a position for help no one offers and everyone seemed to have vanished from my life. So honestly hun you are not alone on this front but i would see the GP as it appears more than just the things you are stating. Maybe talking about the problems from the past will help, its hard to say because we are all so different but if you feel talking would help then im sure your GP will refer you to someone better well educated enough to understand that your problem could be underlying and you will need more than just talking. I do not know the answer but i can relate to a lot of it but rest assured Diazepam is really not the answer. As one of the comments stated if you have severe attacks every day which i do then it is as a short term measure to help you relax but it is addictive and these days GP's are quite reluctant to just give them out. Please go and speak with your GP. My family tell me im mad too but you know hun they do not understand how we suffer inside or what this anxiety really is to our individual selves as we are all different. Hope this has helped some. x


@deborah 967 thank you for that information my dr is different I asked him for the diazapm after he prescribed it because i had to have a scan on my back!

i noticed it did calm me so i pheoned him and asked for some and he gave it me!


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