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Darren Marks

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share something I tried last night. I posted a blog on here a week or so ago about being scared of flying. This developed after horrible turbulence on a flight last year. My partner and I want to go to Bulgaria with friends soon, but as soon as I thought about getting on a plane I felt sick to my stomach. Even seeing a plane on TV gave me the jitters. My boyfriend then sent me a link to a hypnosis application on my iphone to help get rid of fear of flying. This was by Darren Marks and was called 'Overcome your fear of flying'. I've always been really negative about these things but I really want to get away so I had a listen last night...

I'd had horrific migraine all day and I could hardly keep my eyes shut during the audio as they were so uncomfortable, and my mind was racing through loads of things as I was trying to listen to what he was saying. However, shockingly to me, I found I had dozed off at some point and was only woken up when some music was playing at the end of the audio. I'm not sure if this was meant to happen or I had just simply fallen asleep but I thought nothing of it and went to bed.

Today, I haven't had one negative thought about flying. When I thought about being on a plane I thought about the turbulence, crashing into mountains...ridiculously extreme and severe negative thoughts...however now, I can't think of those things. I try to but they just don't come to me. I'm finding it a bit weird. I'm just thinking about being on the plane with my partner and friends..and I remembered he mentioned to do this at some point in the audio. I'm quite amazed by this and am not sure if this is due to the audio or my mind has just decided to give me a break lol.

I had a look at his website and he has audio's for a few things so I thought I would share.


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Thank you for sharing :) I'm off to have a look only 30 days till my dreaded flight day x


thanks for sharing , im normaly ok with flying , we are off to turkey in oct and im dreading it so will click on your link thank you


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