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Having a bad few days been getting really dizzy everytime i move its like im swirling,swaying and the room start spinning its awful.Its only come on the past few days and motion makes it worse.Ive been doing breathing excercises but its not helping.I keep worrying cos im starting to go out just to local shop and for walks and im not feeling any better im feeling worse.Im off my food aswell as the dizzyness makes me feel nauseas my dad says i need to do something try n keep my mind occupied but its figuring what to do cos of the dizzyness.Its keeping me awake i keep thinking why am i feeling worse?and worrying about do normal things i.e going out in the car how am i guna cope?being around friends/family this dizzyness really scares me i dont feel in control.Im finding it hard to accept.Just want this to end its one thing after another.Maybe its a setback i dont know but some help would be much appreciated guys!!!

claire uk xx


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  • hi claire have you spoken to or seen your doctor, it could be your ears that are causing this. so if you have`nt already done so speak to your doctor, he could maybe reassure you has to what it is. good luck hope you`re feeling better soon.xx

  • Hello Janice

    Thanks for getting back to me.My ears have been checked when to ent clinic had all the tests and nothing.Its my anxiety i guess il have to accept it as another awful symptom and try not to worry about it.Thankyou for ur kind words and suport.I hope u are well xx

  • Hay claire.......join the club. it feel tipsy everyday and it unnerves me everyday. i have so far found nothing that totally gets rid of it but your dad is wright, you really need to throw yourself into a hoobie or something that really grips you and you will adapt to it. do you take any meds? as they sometimes have that as a side effect. thinking of you.......and me .....spinning around like a pair of drunks. i wouldnt mind but i dont even drink! x

  • Hello Sam

    Glad to know im not alone it really is awful and it doesnt go away.Yeah i do need a hobby its just finding something i enjoy that doesnt cost to much.Cant take meds have tried everything make me feel worse i feel my body is just too sensitised to pills.We are a rite pair aint we....I dont drink either.Thinking of u too know how u feel x

  • Hay claire, im very sensitive to everything so can totally understand, you could try something herbal? its hard to find a hobbie when you feel you have lost hope. i started doing jewellery making and i love it, it doesnt cost alot if you buy your bits from ebay. i started with an instruction book so i knew what to buy and that only cost about a quid....good old ebay! in aid of our dizzy heads im changing my ring tone to spinning around by kylie . x

  • Hey Sam

    im taking magnesium and zinc vitamins but only been on em a week so see if they help.One good thing about not being able to take meds is i wont have to ween myself off em once im feeling better.Im quite scared to take pills as it is even a headache pill il only take if i really have too.Jewellery making thats a good idea.What is the best instruction book to get?does it keep you stimulated for ages?Im dizzy by personality let alone physically aswell lol x

  • HI Claireep, how are you eating? What kind of things do you eat? I only ask because I was the same but having changed my diet and trained myself to eat the right things on a regular basis my dizziness has gone and I think it was a lot down to my blood sugar levels. I didn't realise how much eating could affect my anxiety but it has changed me considerably!

  • Hello Lozenge,im not eating to bad imeating fruit n vegetables i read today that eating certain foods can affect anxiety so im going to try Lo GI foods as ive been told this will help with my anxiety also im going to buy some magnesium floradix its liquid form apparently it helps with blood sugar levels.Ive been told to eat little but often hopefully this will help and drink more.Thankyou for helping me with the food suggestion i hope the dizzyness will get better.How about you?What do u eat?

  • hi i suffer this to im taking meds but i put my earphones on now when im on the bus or im going any where i try and distract it listen to the music you like

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