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Why do you think my nurse does not want me to take meds she's says that I will get better without them I started with Anxioty at Christmas

We talk each month now she feels I will feel normal again that this will pass I had panic attacks years ago and they stopped and I don't seem to get them now just this general Anxiety when I'm stressed but can stay with me I do eat all the right things and go to the gym losing weight and have cut out tea coffee beer wine chocolate I go out I see friends I do shopping it's all a challenge but I do it but what upsets me is why do I feel like this at home 3 kids who don't aways get on 2 dogs one of is a pain and is nasty little jack Russell love them all my nurse says I should not get it at home but I do another thing is the only time I feel normal is in the car what's that about I love my family any ideas xx

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What is she talking about anxiety has no geography , she needs to do some reading up, I also get anxiety at home all day long and I no many others do as well, and if you want meds then see your doc they can not refuse you.




Ok I will ask her this week as I feel sometimes I would like the option but not sure what to do there seems to be different schools of thought here on medication and none medication my sister has Anxiety she never goes out shopping hates getting together and stays at home a lot and takes medication she's had Anxiety for many years although I have a friend and does everything she had Anxiety for years but nothing worked so she has just stated taking meds and feels fantastic cant win just want to get better as soon as possible x


Hi Bigguy

I think meds are a personal choice

I have a meds fear & think thats the only reason I have never tried it or I am sure I would

It is worth asking & trying if you dont have this fear like me , if they donet suite then you can stop them & if they do work , thats a bonus :)

Let us no how you go on





Think that's me as well but my sister has taken all sorts she still has it Anxiety and I feel I'm doing it the right way for me I'm tempted if I get to a point with this I might try but I will do it myself if I can by the way the profile pic is of the Slammer yesterday I'm behind the camera x


I thought the pic was to do with yesterday , it looks fun , sorry I cant see you behind the camera :D

Looks very rewarding though the job you do :)

I agree , see how you feel about meds , it really is a personal choice



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