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Worse in the mornings


Why is my anxiety so much worse when I wake up I sleep well but wake up trembling inside and feeling sick can't eat untill at least lunchtime anxiety attacks shivers etc feel so Unwell around mid afternoon normally feel much better love going to bed just dread waking up feeling so odd does this happen to any one else thanks xx

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Yes, I relate to this. I sleep quite well but sometimes wake early and can't get back to sleep. I try, but lie there with churning stomach, feeling very negative about my life and getting more and more distressed. The only way round it is to get up, or try and meditate - anything to distract myself. It happens if I wake up at the 'normal' time too. I usually feel better as the day goes on, but sometimes, like today, I feel bad on and off during the day and now, because of a trigger (someone texting me something which has made me brood and feel anxious) I feel pretty low and anxious. I look forward to bed too and often feel hopeful that I won't wake up feeling anxious, but as soon as I wake, there it is again:( So sick of it! I think the only way forward is to accept it for the time being and try to be curious but just notice how you are feeling, without judging it. Not easy but if you practise that it might eventually take some of the fear and pain out of it. Worth a try - I struggle with it and my husband keeps trying to reassure me but can't understand why I feel so bad for no obvious reason.

foxglove in reply to hedgecrone

Hi hedgecrone (love the name) the idea of acceptance, though not easy, makes sense

judy1713 in reply to hedgecrone

I understand, I wake up in a panic every morning, The What if's and the worrying and the Panic and FEAR, starts right away. I have to find a way to get rid of all this terrible FEAR !!! I'm 68 with a bad Back and Hips (RA) Always afraid I won't be able to get around good enough to be able to do the things I have to do. And There is no one to do them for me. I am a Widow and live alone. So The problems are real, Its just the FEAR Makes Everything SOOOOO MUCH WORSE !! If any one has an answer let us no :( Please :(

Sometimes I wake up on a morning and within a few minutes I'm just looking forward to going to sleep again.

foxglove in reply to Paul1975

Me too, the trouble is not easy to get to sleep. We are strange mortals. Good to know one is not alone!

I go out like a light but wake between 4 and 5 am with the pounding heart and full-on anxiety.

By the time I'm up and about it subsides, but mornings have always been the worst for me.

I was told by my CBT counseller and regular counseller that is because when you are asleep your sub-concious is working over time and over thinking things, so when you wake up the first thoughts are what cause the anxiety.

She said to just acknowledge them, accept that you are going to feel this way and get on with the day. If need be just tell it where to go (swear at it) in your head or your partner might think it is about him/her!!! I tell it to go away in no uncertain terms and it seems to make me feel better

Hope this helps

foxglove in reply to Wildmage

hi Wildmage, love the idea of swearing and telling the feelings whereto go, I'm sure it puts you in control

Thanks everyone all very helpful xx

yea it happens too me too i hate morning makes me feel weird plus it takes me ages too wake up properly its worse if i have a panic attack in the nite makes me worse so i know how u feel x

Thanks for this Meadow. Can't help as I am the same - don't understand this . I see you've had some helpful replies with very positive ideas. I'll try to apply them!

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