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Why is my depression worse in the evening?

As the title suggests, I seem to experience a very dark depression towards the evening time, especially after 4PM. It's perplexing because I can wake up feeling optimistic most mornings, but as the day goes on, 90% of the time I become extremely down and my mood feels very low. I take meds, pregabalin and setraline for anxiety and depression. Does this ring a bell with anyone else??

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I think sometimes whatever you are suffering from can feel worse in an evening

During the day we can keep ourselves more occupied , it is lighter , we can go out easier , see people about but come evening it is dark and we can feel more alone and then anxiety/depression can feel worse

Have you asked your question on the Depression site on Health Unlocked ?

Not sure if you have had a look on there or are already a member but as well as on here they may be able to share their experiences and thoughts on this to , and the more suggestions we can get can only be for the better :-)

I will pop the link on the end of this reply which will take you onto the Depression site , if you like what you see on there or think it will help you can join that Community to as you can be a member on as many Communities as you like on Health Unlocked :-)

Take Care x

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Hi Bounce, like Karl your replies and advice to all are always positive and very informative x

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Hi. Absolute it rings a bell. In fact it is one of the commonest symptoms that accompanies both anxiety disorder and depression. At the time when my anxiety was worst I also suffered from this. I am not sure the medication you use contributes to this syndrome - think one is anti-depressant and the other for epilepsy control? I think that it is absolutely part of what comes with the two illnesses mention. There are other contributing factors of course e.g. there are fewer distractions as night rolls in, we are more likely to start feeling tired, it might be that you have associated night time with difficult issues thus increasing your depression and anxiety.

If it is possible to identify the triggers for the increased depression and anxiety it might be possible to avoid them.


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I think this shows why we are all different and why we should all support one another. I find im worse first thing in a morning, i feel clearer as the day goes on and then can get tearful v late at night. I think karl may be right about recognising when it happens.

I know for me its facing the day am and then loneliness late at night. Doesnt help you i know but youre not alone. Xxxx


Hello there. What you're feeling is very, common. Speaking for myself, I have the opposite problem. The first half of the day is extremely difficult for me. Evenings however for some reason are much better.

I would suggest that you start taking note of your thought processes as/when your mood starts to change/drop. Sometimes, by way of habit and without fully realising, we engage ourselves in negative mental talk that sees us plummiting into the depression/anxiety abyss. That's why it is important that you be vigilant when it comes to monitoring your mood changes. Note your self-talk.

I also take Pregablin however I am using it for chronic sciatica. Or thought l was. I'm now also dealing with mental health problems as a result of ill-managed pain. I only recently found out by way of this forum, that it is also used to treat anxiety. Couldn't believe it to be honest. My GP and Psychiatrist didn't tell me that it is also prescribed for anxiety. I was wondering how are you finding it? I only ask because I have yet to meet anyone who uses it for anxiety.

So then, start to journal your thoughts. That way you'll possibly discover the reason for your mood changes.


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I really agree with that, being aware of self-talk is so helpful. The things that we're thinking and saying to ourselves have such a big impact on how we feel


Afternoon slump. I can get it at 3 even. I learnt to just keep going now maybe have a coffee or snack. cos if I go into it I'm doomed. I have to plan for it put in failsafes so to speak now.


I've been wondering about this too and if I should talk about it with my Dr. In the morning I take Adderall which I think has greatly helped me to get going, out of bed and being more focused. As the day wears on, anxiety will hit, sometimes a panic feeling comes over me and/or depression. I'm 55 and have wondered if it has any relation to Sundowners experienced in older people. I am getting older😮😨❤


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