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Waking up with intense anxiety/dread in the middle of the night?

Anxiety seems to be seeping its way into my once safety zone... nighttime sleeping. Every few nights, I will wake up either drenched in sweat, or, like last night, simply wake up with a terrible feeling of anxiety for no reason. I can usually go right back to sleep and the next time I wake it is gone. Thoughts are not causing my anxiety.. and this is evident when I wake up from a peaceful sleep in utter fear. Fearing what? Nothing, except anxiety. It's not a full blown panic attack, but very close to it.

Does this happen to anyone else? :(

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I have been getting this too however anxiety has been waking me up at5:30 am and I can't get back to sleep heavy chest palpations hit and cold feelings. Some days the anxiety stays with me all day and other days it goes. I am on lexapro and not sure what's going on. I have read that our cotisol levels are at their highest by 4am so this could be contributing to the extra anxiety.


How old are you? This could be hormone related. Racing heart and night sweats can indicate low progesterone.


I'm 29. Been having anxiety for the last 7 years but these past 6 months have been horrendous in particular.


How does one go about getting their hormones tested anyway? Is it a special blood test?


Yes, hormone testing is a simple blood test. Have you had your thyroid checked too? If not, you need to. Ask for a complete thyroid panel. You need to find a doc who believes in anxiety causes like thyroid, PMS, hormones, vitamin/mineral deficiencies. I am seeing a doc like this on the 28th. I believe anxiety suffers have something lacking that makes us feel this way. Let's hope there is a cure!


Anxious Amy! This happens to many people. Happened to me last night. What do you do? Well, I really just pray and say "I have nothing to fear, God is with me right now" "All is good" "I trust Him"

Sometimes you wake up with weird scared feeling in your stomach, but the funny thing is we know nothing can physically hurt us... So why are we afraid?

It comes and it goes, but just know that you are OK, You've waken up to another beautiful morning and now all you need to do is think about the now and not the future. No need to worry about the future because that day is far from here...


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Don't get hung up on the time if you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep. Just get out of bed and start your day.


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