Panic here but not afraid

So I blogged on here about being anxiety free and feeling great, however I'm currently sat watching a film and all of a sudden my heart started racing, stomach started flipping, chest pains...the usual. However instead of the dread I'd usually be filled with I am just getting on with it and it helps so much. Instead of turning into a full blown attack everything slowly eases off. It's just showing me that's it's always there lying dormant but if I just accept that it can't hurt me I can get on with my life.



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8 Replies

  • wise words .. go fight it girl x

  • ahh Mandy good to know you are taking positive attitude :) such a good feeling, it will soon subside

    hugs :)

  • Thank you both :-). Xx

  • Hi Mandy26,

    It happened the same to me few weeks ago.i had symptoms of panick attack but I said well come on then u stupid panick attack come to get me ,I m fed up with you!and it really helped!my heart beat went back to normal straight away..I think we are on the right path now,lol!hugs

  • Good for you Mandy and Train!

  • go girls, we will overcome, be strong x

  • Glad you have been positive and fund a way that suits you to try and combat these attacks. If you try and be positive and it is just not working, why not try and change the routine or surroundings that you find yourself in? Go for a walk somewhere nice or do something to distract you, even if it is out of the normal routine, what do you think? Keep your chin up ;-)

  • mandy it's really encouraging to hear you beat those panics. I feel a bit trapped today. Saw friends this morn, but could only stay out an hour. Now just sat by myself, scared to do anything in case causes panic. I'm hoping to start cbt on Friday, but have to travel couple of miles to get there. Your really brave. Thanks for reminding me it can be beaten. chris

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