GP says fatigue caused by anxiety, does anyone else think this?

I am so tired I seem to be only able to function for very short periods of time-30min to an hour, before having to rest and sleep. I go to bed at 7pm, and read. but I often wake up at night with bad dreams and can't sleep. but there is no way I could keep myself awake during the day. I really need to go back to work but can't see a way forward.


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  • Hi Geranium, i can totally empathise with you, im exhausted and i am trying to get out and do things but it just makes me feel worse.......i actually feel like im lazy. I cant settle till very late at night and then i wake through the night or very early actually feeling like ive had no sleep, the doctor keeps changing my medication and giving me things to help me sleep at night but im not sure if they are actually making me feel worse because i am so generally exhausted. I have been off work quite a while and really want to go back but i dont have the energy to be able to do my job and i cant see an end to all this at the moment,and im hating it!

  • I have social anxiety and if if I have an upcoming social situation that I'm anxious about, the worry and anxiety beforehand leaves me feeling exhausted. I could literally fall asleep on the spot! I've no energy at all and find myself yawning all the time. Of course interrupted sleep because of the anxiety doesn't help.

  • HI GERANIUM yes i am the same as you but i cant sleep in the day and i dont sleep much at night keep waking all the time i am exhausted doing nothing but apparently it is the anxiety because we are always on edge our bodies are tired x

  • HI depression and anxiety totally drains me but i give in to it at times and just need to lay down but i do fight the feeling as often as i can manage and there have been times when its given me more energy than take it away. do what you can when you can and slowly shorten the time you rest. 7pm is very early to go to bed personally, i used to go to bed very early and i found myself wakinging in the night more than once. x

  • Thanks for replies all very helpful

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