nhs load of shit

ive been waiting for proper help for god knows how long now, im on drugs and see a therapist that don't have any proper training, he might be able to help a kid with exam stress but I have full blow agrophobia, doctors dont even know what its is and pawn it off as depression and just say we will up your drugs fat lot of fucking good that dose just stresses me out i have rashes on my hands from the feeling i get when i first take my drugs in the morning like a crawling skin. ive been waitng for one my gp to email another doctor to email another doctor to talk to his mothers vet to see i they can give me any help i am fed the fuck up of being thrown from pillar to post with out getting anywhere even been to the proiry at £400 an hour for him to do sweet fuck all apart from sit on his fat stake fed arse and send a few emails what the hell am i ment to do i dont understand whats goin on in my head i cant help myself all they say is go out abit further each day but i do that and i drive and can get to then end of my road and have to come back i neeeed help but dont know where to go next


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  • I'm sorry to hear you are feeling like this at the moment. Hang in their mate, something will give. If you feel you GP is not helping you either demand that they do, or ask to see another doctor or change GP's totally. You deserve the help mate so keep going... stay strong!

  • hi hardwood sounds like your having a hard time what drugs are you on and have you been on any other meds in the past x

  • Hi, hardwood, I agree with John, if you feel your GP is a waste of space and not empathetic enough, tell the surgery or maybe go to another one if poss. I am lucky in the fact that my GP is great and has an understanding of my anxiety and mental health condition, but I know some GPs seem like robots and we are on their conveyor belt!! Hope you get the help you deserve soon.....Best wishes ... seashell ..x

  • Hi hardwood. You really sound like you are having an awful time. Has your doctor referred you to NHS psychiatrist at all? I was on a long waiting list for one at our local hospital. I did end up going to the priory, but I do not suffer from the same thing as you. Are there any support groups in your area that could advise you what your options are? I really hope you get the support you need. It sounds like you are having it really tough. Stay strong and give it time x

  • Hi hardwood - in typical mum mode I have been looking at the "no panic" website. They have weekly on the phone counselling sessions, which looks like they may focus more on the individuals issues. May be worth looking at.

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