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Good mood food - what works for you?


We all know that what you choose to put into your body is essential for your physical and mental wellbeing, and Anxiety UK will soon be holding an online surgery with a nutritionist who will be able to answer your questions about what sorts of things you should be eating and what to avoid. What do you find works for you? Is there anything that it has helped you to cut out? What food makes you feel more focused, calm and healthy?

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Hello Emma, most definetaly fried food, I can't eat it anymore, last time our manager invited us for cafe and they only served fried food, I had omelette with chips, I only ate half but was sick for few days afterwards, as anxiety sufferer this will trigger my anxiety as well, all the oil and fat in it.

I don't have much sugar anymore, use honey instead (Manuka) if I had to use sugar wil use brown sugar. I don't drink coffee/fizzy drinks everything that contains caffeine.if I fancied a chocolate bar I would eat it after my meal to keep my sugar levels under control.

with anxiety anything that the body is missing/or overloaded with will trigger an anxiety, even eating fast caused me panice attack some time ago, so I learned to slow down while I am eating.

I added to my diet recently raw (almonds/seeds/cashew nuts) in moderation i eat them every day because I became vegetarian and I am missing some essential vitamins/minerals.

I am taking as well Omega 3/6 as Flaxseed capsule and Vitamin Bcomplex :)

I think that's all :)not sure if I missed anything!!

nothing can make me very focused, I only just tried taking the vitmains B complex so I need to give some tiem to see if it is working.

In truth when I'm really stressed there's nothing like a big gooey Mars bar to make me feel better.

I normally eat pretty healthily, but stress calming and chocolate seem to work for me.

Bad I know - but it works.

I'd say anything healthy. You eat junk, you feel like junk!

Banana's, peanut butter on toast and tea give me a boost when i'm feeling low or anxious.

I cut down on beer, i try not to drink to excess because i feel really shaky and depressed for days after one too many. Coffee really makes me feel on edge, i avoid it at all costs.

deffinatly no caffeine, it kicks off my heart racing and fluttering in my cheast and throat and then the anxiety roars!

as above caffine is a def no ,no as is beer !!!

I'd like to stop drinking Alcohol completely, i find it hard when everybody i know drinks.

I have been trying not to eat carbs in the evening recently because I was having trouble sleeping and was told that carbs will give you a sugar spike which will stop you sleeping, I have to say it has been getting progressively better each night so I think it is a good thing. I find that low blood sugar really seems to trigger my panics but it is really inconsistent - one day I can eat a bowl of porridge for breakfast and not want to eat until 2pm and I feel great and can concentrate, then other days (like today) I have felt shaky and low blood sugar to the point that it triggered off a mild panic attack earlier - I would really like to know more about keeping a consistent diet - this nutritionist Q&A sounds amazing - thank you!!

rouri in reply to lozenge

yes it is cool, more or less everyone here agrees with caffeine free, I don't do much sugar anymore because of sugar level as you said, use honey instead of sugar, and if you are eating carbs have them early evening it should be fine. before you sleep drink herbal drink like chamomile and you will sleep better

by the way even if you don't feel hungry munch on something like apple or nuts, if you leave yourself with no food it will trigger anxiety attacks



I have no caffeine, no sugar, I don't eat red meat but I did that before attacks the meat I mean any suggestions I would appreciate since I have hard time keeping weight on! X

I have just started a weight loss diet due to high bp and cholesterol and I must say I already feel less anxious as I am eating better (no crap or sweets) .. all this high fibre though does result in ahem little love puffs


Ignoring the last three days, normally, no caffeine, no processed sugars, cook from scratch, I'm weight training so lots of fish, chicken and pulses, no wheat, loads of leafy greens. Supplement with calcium, vits D, E, B, and Starflower oil

I had to cut out coke cos when i hadnt had it even for a day I was getting migraines. So I cut out coke and only have it if I go out now. which has helped because normally the caffiene kicks in and my heart races making me feel worse.

I've noticed, for example, that over the Christmas period when my healthy eating habits go out of the window in favour of chocolate, mincepies, trifle etc I soon start to feel really low and lethargic. I always pick up again when I start to introduce fruit and veg back into my diet.

agree with all of the above cutting out all caffeine out of my diet has given me the bet results

Agree that avoiding coffee has been one of the best things for me, and not having too much sugar. Making sure I have enough wholegrains and complex carbs is really important and I was once told by a dietitian that this is because of the way they are broken down by the body, they can help to keep mood stable.

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