Extremely sensitive behavior!

I am in my late teenage years and I have social anxiety. I have noticed that my sensitivity towards other peoples comments has become gradually worse over time. When I was younger i.e. a high school student, I never used to really take on board what people said but I remember having anxiety. Nowadays I take offence to almost every comment made about me or every negative situation I find myself in. I feel it is not normal to have this level of sensitivity. I'll give some examples:

Yesterday I got served at my local shop. The assistant did not use any manners such as please or thankyou and I took it extremely personal and felt like the assistant was targeting me and was being polite to everyone else. I felt angry as well as anxious. Maybe its because I have had previous experiences where I have actually been discriminated like this for no reason at all?

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  • Hi, although I have GAD and not social anxiety. I get upset in this situation with some rude shop assistants. I know it is easy for me to say this but I am sure (the rude ones) are like it with everybody. I try and think like this now "they have the problem not me" (easier said than done, I know) and yes I too have been discriminated in the past so I can relate very much too you. If you are similar to me in personality anyway (sensitive) the anxiety probably magnifies it all the more. Best wishes seashell..x

  • Thank you, it's a very good point about them having the problem and not me. I'll think about that if it happens again x

  • Hi yeah past experiences will probably have caused this. I get over sensitive about all sorts of stuff. I think for me it's around hating to be hated if you like; I take criticism really badly and end up thinking people are personally attacking me, which in reality isn't true. I also know exactly what you mean about the manners thing! I like to think feeling like this is a sign of compassion; you obviously care a lot about how you would want to come across and would just hope other people did the same. I think anxiety and sensitivity are closely related too.

  • Yeah I care too much about what people think of me to be honest! Thanks for your response

  • hi ur not alone i find alot of people r rude but i find i ask myself is it me ,but i know it isnt i was brought up 2 treat people how u would like 2 b treated but more than often i get proved wrong !!! this world can b a cold place just people like us r more suseptable 2 others negativity !!! my thoughts !!

  • Very true, thank you for sharing!

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