Hi. TMJ & friends plus my anxiety :/

Hi .

New to the site. I have anxiety, but the most annoying is my health anxiety. Every ache or wiggle or twinge & I obsess over it until a new pinch or twinge comes . I'm driving myself nuts I know. I always question is something anxiety,& am my own dr..with Google as my assistant ..oh take it from me do NOT go onto WebMD if you have health anxiety ..geeeeeeez. Anyways ,currently I have this annoying habit of grinding my teeth & went to the dentist. There isn't much erosion on my teeth, at least not caused by the bruxism . Well, because of teeth grinding sometimes I get aches ..my ears are a bit sensitive , neck aches etc. I also get aches while I belch , that used to be a habit of mine ..then I switched to teeth grinding lol. Well I belch often nowadays b/c of acid reflux ..😔. Then get anxious when burping, get aches near my ears , temples sometimes ..it then chills out when I calm down. Stress could cause all of this? Well, I know now ..like every ache or twinge I completely obsess over 24/7. Seeing my counselor soon..to learn ways to overcome this. I hate anxiety ..glad this forum is available .


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  • I WAS JUST LIKE YOU ! OMG lol I would search web MD ALL the time. Which led me to the ER. ALL the time. I turned out to be fine and completely okay. I still have anxiety. I just don't worry like that anymore. If there is any advice I can give you is when your in those situations and your starting to think " omg what's wrong with me ?!" Just acknowledge it. But say to yourself "thank you for that but I choose to think this way " and go on to say something positive. This is something I'm still working on everyday. But what I just told you is something my therapist has told me ! You should check out my blog I talk about my life dealing with anxiety , depression & PTSD. I also post tips and coping strategies that I've learned and my therapist recommends. I hope you feel better. Negative thinking can be changed it just takes HARD WORK AND DEDICATION.

    here's the link to my blog findingjeannieee.weebly.com

    Best wishes !

    - Jeannie :)

  • Thank you!! I definitely will :))

  • No problem :)

  • Stress can and will cause TMJ problems.. you also might be grinding your teeth in your sleep.. I'm a Dental Assistant and often the Dr will have mouth gaurd made so you can wear at night..

  • Yes! I got one coming :)) lol have the coolest new dentist I go to now. Plus while there he found several cavities lol but that's besides the point , I mainly went in complaining about teeth grinding , & he said he'll make a night guard for me :)) it'll definitely be better for me.

  • That's good news.. I hope the night gaurd helps you.. it usually does.. 😊

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