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New here - wife mother daughter teacher and extremely anxiety ridden


Hi. So I found this group my googling my anxiety symptoms. I feel very blessed to have found you all. I think I have had anxiety pretty much my whole life. After my first child I even went to the ER for chest pains. After my second child I was diagnosed with ppd and prescribed Zoloft and xanax. (3 years ago). I still take 50mg Zoloft each day.

My anxiety seems to be worse lately. I feel nauseous all the time and often have an upsett stomach. I'll wake up in the middle of the night sweating and anxious.

My biggest fear is this controlling me so much that I can't take care of my kids who are my whole world

I literally have anxiety about my anxiety it's awful

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Well, I could have written your exact post. Mom, wife, teacher and anxiety sufferer. I too had PPD and that is when this all started. I was on Citalapram and it stopped working so my doc recently put me on Prozac which is giving me awful side effects. Dang! The nausea is an uncomfortable symptom of anxiety, one which I particularly disdain.

Have you had your hormones checked? I am going to a specialist on Monday to check my thyroid, hormones, vitamins, minerals, etc. I will let you know if this appt is worth it or points to anything.

Yes, I am soooooo fearful of the fear. I fear being sick and feel guilty and awful when I am sick or feel sick. My anxiety embarrasses me and makes me feel like a weak person, I live my life worried how I will get through each day when I feel so awful.

Let's find some help and always have hope. I am covering you in prayer and wishing you peace, calm, and health.

Thank you for your reply. This means so much. My general doc did check my thyroid and it is fine. Yes, please do let me know how that appointment goes.

I will pray for you too.

Hello & Welcome

So many will relate to how you feel and I think as Mothers that suffer with anxiety this can be one of our main fears , what will happen to our Children if we are not about , how could anyone else do the job and love them and care for them like I do and the thoughts go on and on and all the time we are feeding the fear and the anxiety is growing and taking over and the medication that once seemed to help no longer seems to be and that is because as good as medication can be it can also be like putting a plaster on but underneath nothing is healing the wound is left open and to help it heal some kind of therapy is needed and maybe this is something you could look at , as it would help getting to the root of the anxiety as well as giving you the tools to help you reverse the way your thinking has developed as this is what we form as well a pattern of thinking that we need to reverse , easy said but can be difficult to do but with support can be achieved :-)

I hope it helps knowing you are not alone and there are others that feel as you do and you now have somewhere to come and talk , we may not have all the answers but we are very good at listening :-)

Take Care x

You have no idea how much your reply means to me.

You are absolutely right. I do need a therapist. I was seeing a psychiatrist but, I think she just kept me coming so

I would pay her. She didn't help very

Much I need to

Find another one.

Also I am

Very very

Good at "faking it" in public even though inside I am

Screaming. It's usually when I am

Home and the kids are in

Bed that my anxiety takes over. My husband is very supportive

But, he doesn't completely understand.

Thank you again. You have no idea how much it means




I very much relate to what I used to say is putting a mask on for the outside world but behind that mask I was crumbling inside and it is not a very nice way to live at all

Therapists , it can take a while sometimes and several to find someone you connect with and that works for you , I think within 6 weeks you know deep down if you have even though it does take many weeks even months before you get the full benefit , I think yo owe it to yourself and are so worth keep looking till you find this and I really hope you do because it would make a huge difference :-)

I also have a very supportive husband which is great and feel very lucky that I have but you are right they don't understand because with anxiety only if you suffer or have suffered can you understand how debilitating this can be as it is not visible and you have to have felt how we feel to truly understand and now you have found this Community that is something you will always have people that understand what you are feeling , keep coming back and talking to everyone about how you feel it helps even if in a small way :-) x

How are you today? I caved and took a xanax.

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