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my problem

hey im 22 and i have just got some problems i have sharp pain in my chest i have a lump feeling in my thoat i wake up i the middle of the night in a rush best way i can explain it ( im bad at spelling sorry ) and i have a heavy / hard pounding heart beat my chest feeling tight pains in my neck and when im laying in bed in the morning i feel like im fading away so i jump up all scared all most crying i just got over a flu (i think im over it) then this idk whats wrong with me i have went to the er about 5 -6 in the last month and hot blood text pee test ecg test blood suger test and they say my heart is strong im good they said but i still feel like their is something wrong plezz can someone help me out thx my anxiety is crazy and its killing me well i feel like it is

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Brunzy, I am so very sorry...this must really be rough. Have you visited with a doctor about all of this?..this is definitely anxiety... it can manifest in SO many different ways. There IS help out there for you...honest... just please explain these feelings to a dr and see what advice (or meds) he gives you... You deserve the help, so you go for it! OK? OK!! Good luck and take good care.

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yes i have seen a dr meny of times and the gave me ciprlex for it but they say it will take 2 weeks for it to kick in but im have such a hard time holding on to my self i all way hurt in different ways


Hi. Sorry you dont feel so good. The first thing is that it is unlikely your anxiety is going to kill you. It might frustrate you and make you feel like you are going mad though. Even then, it can only do that if it is allowed to go untreated. All of the things you mentioned in your post are typical symptoms of anxiety - and in particular health anxiety. If you looked through all the post here there is one phrase that will appear time and time again - 'im good they said but i still feel there is something wrong'. That is what anxiety does to us - making us believe that we have some, usually terminal, illness that somehow has sneaked past all the doctors and all the tests.

It might be that this has happened to someone before, but those occasions are extremely rare. The real illness here is your health anxiety probably aided by ocd. Your post does not mention whether or not your doctor has diagnosed anxiety and, if so, what treatment you are getting.

It might be that you need a little help with some short term medication combined with therapy to get it sorted out. Or maybe therapy by itself will be enough. In the meantime you might try to develop some techniques for disracting the anxiety when you feel it coming on. It will also help if you can learnsome relaxation techniques, for example, breathing exercises, so that you do not hyperventilate.

if I were you I would go back to my doctor and have a full discussion about your anxiety and, together with him/her, work out a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. I hope you feel better soon.



Good advice


i got told my the doc that i have anxiety and they gave me 10mg ciprlex and theysay it will take 2 weeks to kick in and i have tryed breathing exercises some times it works and others it don't i wake up like 20times in the night


I understand - as the doctor says, it might take a few days for the medication to begin to take effect - so you might have to just push through for now. It might help if you do your breathing exercises on a more regular basis. You can get this free app to help you breathe correctly at this web address - its free to download and use

I found it very useful when I had hyperventilation problems during panic attacks.


You are a young person but it sounds like you are having panic attacks. I highly recommend if at all possible to seek help from a professional counselor. If that is not possible try to find someone you really trust.


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