Plain and simple - It's panic!

Well we just sat through the most energetic thunderstorm I've seen in this country I think...has anybody else gone through it?

The fork lightning was striking the buildings opposite, leaks all over the office, couldn't see out of the office for the rain. So the panic set in and I realised all of the signs and it hit me, I'm not ill, I just have anxiety disorder and it's all panic because I'm feeling it now. I was actually quite scared hence the reason I panicked. Racing heart thumping in my chest, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, heat flushes...the same thing I had randomly sitting at home one night.

Ridiculously I feel much better :)



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  • I have just done the same i am petrified of it to start off with might clear my headache

  • I read something the other day that I keep reminding myself of and it has really helped. Thoughts cannot hurt you - it is only when you let them turn in to feelings that they cause you discomfort - so my aim of the week is to remind myself of that every time I think something negative and try not to let it get to the stage of a feeling! Not sure if that makes sense but it is helping me at the mo! Anxiety is just thoughts going out of control so if we can be in charge of the thoughts then we can be in charge of the anxiety?? Worth a shot anyway!!!

  • Hi Lozenge. You're right, and I've only just started to do this myself. After the storm we had a number of dark, stormy looking days and I immediately thought it was going to happen again but in a weird way I almost kind of relished in feeling scared and the panic didn't set in.


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