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The Happiness Project

Hi Everyone.

I just thought I would share a great book I have come across and am really excited about. It's called 'The Happiness Project' and is by Gretchen Rubin.

It's a true life project a New York author has gone through. Gretchen was unhappy and stressed when she knew she had a wonderful life, so made a 12 month plan to find happiness without putting herself through extreme pressure to do so.

I'm 2 months into the project and I'm finding it an eyeopener. There is a website that provides 8 tools to create your own project too and it's all about simplifying life in a simple, stress free way.

I read that there are two types of people. Those who make a choice then worry about the consequences if they arise, and those who think of all the consequences before making the choice. I am the latter, and it's said that people with this level of perfectionism are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. I've provided links below to the book on Amazon and also the tools. If you feel like your life is one ball of confusion and you feel like you have no clarity, I would really recommend this :) It has some great quotes and inspiring ways of looking at things. xxx



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hi mandy

i might try this thanks


Hi Gasman, I've found it really good so far. I learn alot from looking at other peoples experiences so it's woken me up a bit :)


Hi Mandy...I think I may check this out as well...I'm at the end of my tether with the anxiety attacks & havn't been able to leave my home in 6 weeks!!

It's always good to talk & read other peoples experiences so thanks for sharing :-)


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