Well went to bed at 9.00pm last night managed to sleep from 12-5 so that was ok for me.The tea worked organic clipper sleep easy tea.Still anxious today and feel very tired.Had to go to citizens advice today as needed to see my options since I have left my job.It was hard to go(also because its in the doctors surgery).I managed it though and have had to make several phone calls all morning to various people.It helped with the anxiety in a way as I was distracted.But as soon as I have sat down cant stop yawning and feel anxious again.So far though have not reached for the diazapam just been drinking my herbal tea.Anxiety really takes it out of you when Im not anxious Im not tired !!!! anyone else like this x


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  • Hi

    Yesterday it was a continuos battle on anxiety on and off all day long.first cause I was at home by myself second when I was in town.didn t take any tranquilliser I wanted to fight the monster on my own.and I I m going to do the same.if I m busy I m better.if I stop it s not good.well done on you for yesterday.hugs

  • Well done for yesterday.I have woke up highly anxious today trying my best to keep calm have took a tablet to help me and on with my second cup of herbal tea hoping the day will get better

  • Hi Sharonlou, I am new to the site. I experience exactly the same thing. When I am anxious all I want to do is go to bed as feel as if I have run a marathon. However I did have two non anxious days last week and although I expected to feel great during that time I was even more shattered. I put it down to a lack of adrenalin, when my body is normally so used to getting that adrenalin rush.

    I hope you start to feel less anxious soon. Lots of deep breathing.

    There is a good site on "first steps surrey" nhs site. On the first self help page if you page down there are audio relaxation files - they recommend you do this every day and it trains your body to learn the difference between tense and relaxed. I am trying it at the moment.

  • thanks for your reply I will have a look at the site x

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