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I thought I had my second meeting today,it seems I got the day wrong as usual,will probably get a phone call tomorrow,never mind.Not to worry anyway,today people, has been ok again,the power of positive thought eh,you should try it!

Not done a great deal really,its not that I am getting lazy,its just that I have started to feel comfortable doing nothing and until recently,I have never felt comfy doing nothing.

I am starting to change the way I think about everything,I am a very critical person about everything,I am starting to change because I don't think its good for me to let everything wind me up so im not going to.

Took my boy out for tea then went to visit my friends to see the little puppy and Charles the cat who is recovering from being run over,broken pelvis,fractured leg etc and you think we have problems!

Back home now,Son has gone straight upstairs,probably doing a bit of facebook stuff,not my thing facebook,cant see the point but what do I know.

Anyway,I hope you managed to get through your day without too much drama and remember,do what I do,stay positive,stick your fingers up to anxiety and tell yourself,"you wont beat me",sleep well.

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I like you positivity,

doing nothing............nothing is left undone :-)

Be well.


How do I start to feel positive I can't focus on anything with out feeling fearful, there seems to be a barrier before everything I want to do. I wake early and straight away the feeling of fear invades my thoughts. I know its all done by me and some is to do with this time of year when I always feel low. I would love to be able to accept not being occuped all the time and just relax with a good feeling, any ideas welcome. I have 30mg Mirtazapine but now sure they are any help. cotonroad . .


Hello,I was the same as you,first thing in the morning the anxiety would start to build.I cant say exactly what has happened to me only that I have changed completely and can only put it down to my attitude towards,well,everything really.The sun is shining and I tell myself"what is there to be afraid of,nothing" and so my anxiety is kept at bay,its still there but in the background and not overpowering me.

It really is mind over matter,so easy to say I know but keep trying because you are just like me and if I can do it.Take care.


Thank you I am trying to be more mindful and less self focused but its not easy as you know.. I wonder why we have to be like this! I think it does happen more to sensitive people I keep reading and hoping to find the answers but I guess thats what we all do. Thanks cotonroad


One thing I have stopped doing is trawling the internet looking for the answer,too many sites,too many opinions.I just stick to this site now and do my best to help others,in turn,this helps me and that's good.Also,I have stopped trying to determine when and why this anxiety started,whats the point,I am simply going to try anything and everything to beat it and I will and so will you.


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