Hard day

Hi i know i try yo be positive but have had a hard day with the battle with anxiety but with the help of a good friend on here and this site i have got through it.Im in bed now to relax but could of quite easily came to bed at 4 o clock lol .But k thought no going to bed is not the answer its a coping mechanism that i need to break.Have just had my new sleep time tea so here's to a good nights sleep and a good day tomorrow x


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  • sorry to hear you had a bad day me too yesterday was good hope you sleep well let us know how you got on with new tea x

  • Hi Sharon ,hope your feeling better now . you help so my of us on here, have a rest now ..take care xx

  • Hey lovely...... youve done well today ..... It would have been so easy to have taken yourself off to bed but you didnt...... The feelings and anxiety may well have been awful but nothing horrific happened and youve got through today.... Hoping you get a good nights sleep lovely and remember tommorrow is a new day and we will face it together xxx

  • Well done for pushing through it - that means despite you feeling bad today anxiety hasn't won! What is your sleep time tea? I am very intrigued! x

  • Hi all thanks for your kind words Im still anxious this morning but i think its my hormones as i came on during the night slept till 5 this morning so the tea worked its clipper organic sleep easy so worth a try if you have trouble sleeping hope everyone has a good day x

  • Hi Sharonlou

    It's probably your hormones.and if u keep thinking that this is the reason why you might feel a bit anxious you ll be fine.hugs and have a lovely day with this beautiful weather.

  • Thank you and you have a lovely day too x

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