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A big thank you

I was just about to write this blog when I noticed Kevin's note on positive thinking so this ties in well with Kevin's entry :)

I have found this site and its members to be so helpful through my anxiety. I had a terrible day yesterday and just writing about it and asking questions knowing I wasn't alone was such a help that by the end of the day I felt OK.

I think anxiety can make you feel very alone. It's one of those things where if you haven't experienced it, it's a very hard thing to understand, so to have like minded people in one place is fantastic. So thank you all. I might not know you personally but having you all to talk to and to read your experiences is great.

Today is a better day for me. I had a long walk last night which felt good, and my appetite seems to be kicking around today :) I also made plans to meet a friend after work which will be the first time I've been out socially in a while. I plan to stick to the mocktails and am actually looking forward to it :)

Also on the plus side, as I've had to give up my caffeine and have completely gone off/have avoided alcohol, I'm actually feeling better that I don't have them in my system. I've also decided to start Yoga.

Although anxiety is a horrible thing to have and some days are unbearable, I think it's actually given me a bit of a kick that I've always needed. I just hope these positive feelings keep getting stronger :)

Hope everyone is well. xxx

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Hi well done you for achieving small goals.I have stopped alcohol and drink herbal tea also which I feel has helped me over the past days ,keep it up ans a massive WELL DONE X


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